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Poker diary for Euro players

Poker diary for Euro players 0001

European players will want to get hold of a "European Poker Diary 2005". Besides the usual dates and calendars, it contains, among other poker features:

-a weekly page to record your wins and losses (essential for serious players);

-a daily poker trivia fact, birthday or quiz ("A pair of fours are called sailboats, because that is what they look like");

-Lou Krieger's Hold'em Start Chart ("In a game with frequent raises 10-9 suited is unplayable");

-statistical probabilities (Odds against being dealt AA in Hold'em are 220-1, but AK suited is 331-1) ;

-heads-up percentages (KK is 80% favorite against any lower pair);

-Outs Chart (with 14 outs or over you are favorite to make your hand with two cards to come, but only 30.1% likely with one to come)

-list of 18 UK and European card-rooms (strangely omitting the Gutshot Club);

-WSOP 2004 tournament results (highest ranking Europeans the Big One: Matthias Andersson, Sweden, 8th $575K, Marcel Luske, Holland, 10th $373K);

-some of Mike Caro's Tell-Tale Tells (e.g. "A trembling bet is a force to be feared"; "Beware of sighs and sounds of sorrow") .

Obtainable from High Stakes Bookshop 21 Great Ormond Street, Members of Ladbrokespoker get one sent to them free.

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