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WPT Boot Camp Announces Initial Sites

WPT Boot Camp Announces Initial Sites 0001

Poker has encompassed the globe, with millions picking up the game. The World Poker Tour has done its part by bringing the game to the people via the Travel Channel. Now, for those people who have the desire to take their game to a higher level, the World Poker Tour is bringing the instruction and training to the people.

World Poker Tour Enterprises announced February 7th the initial locations for the WPT Boot Camp. "By bringing the WPT Boot Camp to multiple markets, we bring poker knowledge and make it accessible to the growing number of poker enthusiasts across the country," said Steve Berman, the co-founder of the camp. "This slate of events is just a starting place and we expect to be expanding into other cities throughout the year."

The fantasy boot camp is aimed at the amateur players and is a highly intensive two day seminar that will bring the nuances of the game to these players. Instruction come from the World Poker Tour commentators, professional player Mike Sexton and longtime poker afficionado Vince Van Patten, as well as Alex "The Insider" Outhred, who analyzes all the action at a WPT Final Table. The course is augmented with other poker champions, varying on location, and supplemented by Mike Sexton's soon to be released (in March) book, WPT: Shuffle Up And Deal.

The seating is limited to fifty people per location. The cost seems to be a little on the high end at $1495, but for the training and experience you are receiving it is well worth the cost. The two day course is full of information that is highly condensed, with intensive lectures, hands on training with professionals, tournament strategy and the mathematics of poker being studied. Players will get personal insight from the instructors on their playing styles and how to identify the styles of their opponents. In addition to the seminar, players who complete the camp will receive a copy of Sexton's book and, for the players who perform best in the end of camp tournament, entry into a WPT satellite to attempt to earn entry into a WPT event.

The following schedule has been released, with dates, locations and instructors that have been determined included:

Las Vegas, NV The Mirage 2/26-27 Mike Sexton

Los Angeles, CA Commerce Casino 3/12-13 Vincent Van Patten

Denver, CO Wyndham Denver Tech Ctr. 3/19-20 Alex Outhred

Las Vegas, NV The Mirage 4/2-3 Ron Rose

Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 4/30-5/1 Alex Outhred

New York, NY TBD 6/4-5 Mike Sexton

Washington, DC TBD 6/25-26 Ron Rose

Los Angeles, CA Commerce Casino 7/23-24 Scott Fischman

Denver, CO Wyndham Denver Tech Ctr. 8/13-14 TBD

Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 9/10-11 Alex Outhred

Los Angeles, CA Commerce Casino 10/8-9 TBD

Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 12/10-11 Alex Outhred

The Boot Camp sounds like a great gift for the poker player in your life. While a bit pricey, it will give someone a great deal of knowledge that, with continual practice and the never ending pursuit of knowledge, may be worth more than the seminar itself. For those interested in getting more information on the WPT Boot Camp, you can visit their website at or you can call 1-866-WPT-BOOT (1-866-978-2668).

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