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EPT Grand Final - Day Three

EPT Grand Final - Day Three 0001

Some people have their fifteen minutes. Brandon Scheafer has had 30 great days. One month, and one day ago, Brandon was tagging along with his buddy, Carl on a trip to France to play in the EPT French open event. Brandon won the last Frequent Player Point seat, and indeed the last seat period to that event. He went on to win the event, and Brandon's amazing story is captured in my 'Four Friends at Lunch' story from the EPT France.

Now, 31 days after he saw his first hand at that EPT France event, Brandon is the chip leader going into the final table of the EPT Grand Final in Monaco. To call Brandon's ride storybook would be an understatement. I'm not even sure Hollywood could come up with a script like this.

After almost twelve grueling hours of play, Brandon once again sits at the top of the heap, and will be making his second Eurosport TV apprearance in 27 days. The chip counts going into tomorrow's play are.

Brandon Schaefer 488,500 in chips

Romain Feriolo 475,000

Rob Hollink 384,000

Kevin Seeger 364,500

Abdulaziz Abdulaziz 181,000

Ben Grundy 90,500

Mikhail Ustinov 68,500

Alex Stevic 57,500

Bad beat of the day award goes to Marcel Luske, who took a one (yes, one) outer as the case queen fell for Queen Isabelle Mercier, who sent The Flying Dutchman flying home. The Queen giveth, however, and the Queen taketh away, as Brandon Schaeffer hit running queens to suck out on Isabelle a few hands later.

All in all the day was a roller coaster ride for many of the players, and the eight left standing will all battle for the 635,000 Euro first prize. Here are the money finishes, as several notables came close, but did not make it to the final eight.

9th - Jani Sointula – 39,300 Euro

10th - Isabelle Mercier – 29,300 Euro

11th - Michael Luber - 29,300 Euro

12th - Anthony Lellouche - 29,300 Euro

13th - Martin Knape – 19,800 Euro

14th - Martin Wendt – 19,800 Euro

15th - Julian Gardner – 19,800 Euro

16th - Gus Hansen – 15,800 Euro

17th - Scott Bush - 15,800 Euro

18th - Eugene Katchalov - 15,800 Euro

19th - Jonathan Senn – 11,900 Euro

20th - Kevin O'Connell - 11,900 Euro

21st - John Fanning - 11,900 Euro

22nd - Martin DeKnijff - 11,900 Euro

23rd - Barny Boatman - 11,900 Euro

24th - Declan Barker - 11,900 Euro

25th - Harry Fitzpatrick - 11,900 Euro

26th - Ben Sprengers - 11,900 Euro

27th - Ryan Walters -11,900 Euro

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