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EPT - Grand Final - Day two final report

EPT - Grand Final - Day two final report 0001

At the beginning of day two of the EPT grand final 122 players were still alive with dreams of cashing the top prize of 635,000 Euro. Pokernews writer Tony G had a tough day, drawing a tough table that included the great Gus Hansen. Tony busted out late on day two after moving his chips all in with bottom pair, and a nut flush draw. Tony recounts the hand this way.

"I had A7 of spades, and the flop came K 10 7 with two spades. I bet out 4,000 with 6,000 in the pot. My opponent raises 6,000 more,and I move all in for 20,000 more. He calls, and turns over 10 10 for a set. The turn card is the 8 of hearts, and the river is the 8 of spades, making the nut flush for me, and a full house for my opponent.

I was down to 1,700 at that point. I survived two all ins, and played a few more hands. Then, I had about 5,000 chips, and played 33 against 9 10 for the rest of my money. Flop is 10 8 J, river is a Q, and I am done.

I never really had any great situations come up today, and I couldn't get away from that big hand."

At the end of the day, there are 38 players left. Top names still in the hunt include Martin DeKnijff, Julian Gardner, Isabelle Mercier, Barney Boatman, Gus Hansen, and Marcel Luske. Third in chips at the end of day two is Robert Mizrachi, brother and mentor of current Player of the Year point leader Michael "Grinder" Mizrachi.

Twenty seven players get paid, and the blinds tomorrow will start at 800/1,600. By the second level, many players will be desperate, and the fight for the money spots will be on. Chip counts are below, and eleven of these folks are going to leave empty handed.

1-Kevin Seeger 147,100

2-Rob Hollink 139,500

3-Robert Mizrachi 117,500

4-Romain Ferilio 103,100

5-Julian Gardner 98,800

6-Scott Bush 95,800

7-Jani Sointula 79,900

8-Willie Tann 78,100

9-Martin Copenhagen 73,100

10-Mikhail Ustinov 70,900

11-Martin Knape 70,800

12-Isabelle Mercier 70,000

13-Alexander Stevic 66,500

14-Kevin O'Connell 63,200

15-John Fanning 58,000

16-Anthony Lellouche 57,100

17-Martin DeKnijff 56,100

18-Eugene Katchalov 54,400

19-Micheael Luber 48,700

20-Markus Golser 45,400

21-Ben Sprengers 45,100

22-Eric Misterzegger 40,600

23-Abdulaziz Abdulaziz 40,100

24-Harry Fitzpatrick 38,900

25-Declan Barker 38,200

26-Ben Grundy 37,600

27-Brandon Schaefer 36,000

28-Barny Boatman 34,300

29-Jonathon Senn 32,700

30-Steve Stolzmann 27,800

31-Ryan Walters 26,400

32-Morten Jensen 26,100

33-Gus Hansen 23,000

34-Marcel Luske 19,300

35-Joseph Grech 14,000

36-Howard Chow 11,800

37-Henry Terranova 11,700

38-Nate Kelly 6,600

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