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The Diary of Player X, Volume Five

The Diary of Player X, Volume Five 0001

Player X is a professional poker player who makes his living playing mostly online. The mystery and wild rumors often associated with online play, and people's misconceptions about the lifestyle lead us to decide to do this column on Player X. Make no mistake, Player X is a real player, and these are real results.
Many people in the poker world know Player X, and due to this, and other circumstances, Player X (by his or her choice) will remain anonymous. This person's results are real, however, and we will be able to follow him or her through the reality of being a professional poker player. If I did not know this person, and their reputation, I wouldn't publish this


Not that I am running bad, because the last couple weeks have been within norms, but I decided to post a bad beat or two per week, to let everyone know this is part of no limit life...Today's was...I get dealt Ac9c, in a NL game, raise it up. Small re-raise, I call.

Flop As Ad 7s...I move in, he calls with Js Jd. Turn a spade, river a spade, and there is one full buy in down the drain. Despite that beat + $777.75, on 1023 hands of NL

Day total: +777.75

Week total: $ +777.75


Light day today, I wasn't that interested, and it showed.

-$532.50 on 508 hands of NL.

Day total: -532.50

Week total: $+245.25


+ $577, 520 hands of NL.

Day total: +577.00

Week total: $ +822.50


+ $422.49, on 349 hands of NL

Didn't play much these last few days because I've been planning my vacation to Europe (May/June).

Day total: + $422.49

Week total: $ + 1,244.99


No action Friday


Decided to play at Party today...Remembered why I sometimes don't. In a 15/30 game I raise, with A 10, and get a caller. Flop Ad 4d 8c, I bet, he calls. Turn 6c, I bet he calls. River 2 h. I bet, he raises, I call. He shows 2s 6s for runner runner two pair with no other draws....sigh

$-640 in tournaments

$-1929.73 on 1078 hands of 15/30.

Day total: - 2,569.73

Week total: $-1,324.74


Another light day...+27.15 on 443 hands of 5-10 NL

-$650 Stars WSOP satellite

Day total: $-622.85

Week total $ -1,947.59

Running total (since first diary entry - Five weeks total) $+9,968.51

See you next week.


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