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The Diary of Player X, Volume Two

The Diary of Player X, Volume Two 0001

Player X is a professional poker player who makes his living playing mostly online. The mystery and wild rumors often associated with online play, and people's misconceptions about the lifestyle lead us to decide to do this column on Player X. Make no mistake, Player X is a real player, and these are real results.
Many people in the poker world know Player X, and due to this, and other circumstances, Player X (by his or her choice) will remain anonymous. This person's results are real, however, and we will be able to follow him or her through the reality of being a professional poker player. If I did not know this person, and their reputation, I wouldn't publish this.

Volume Two

It has been two weeks since my last entry, because I was on the Party Poker Million. After some careful thought, it became clear that I can't reveal my exact winnings, as it would give me away. Suffice it to say I cashed, but I won't be on TV (on this one, anyway), and while I feel I could have done better, it was by no means a wasted week. The running total below doesn't count PPM result.

On to my job, though, and here are my entries for this past week.

Monday - Felt like mixing it up, so I played my "normal" NL game, with a bunch of SNG's mixed in. I missed the money in the last 7 SNGs, so it was a pretty frustrating day al in all. 3.5 hours NL - 833 hands; 17 $200 SNGs.

Day result: $ +58(!)

Weekly total $ +58

Running total $-4,386.24


Booked two separate 3-hour sessions today, totaling 1665 hands of NL. Net $ + 4154.05. That was all by 6pm. Then heard about a fish at a 15/30 game, and played that about 15 minutes, and wound up + 360 on that.

Day result $+4,514.05

Week: $ + 4,572.05

Running: $ +185.51


Played a 1-hour, 200-hand NL session early in the day. +2481.3...then randomly decided to play some $100 heads-up sit-and-goes. Won two and lost three. -$125.

Another three hour NL session, 850 hands. +1733.90

Day result $+4,090.20

Week $+ 8,662.25

Running $ + 4,275.71


1248 hands NL , 4 hours, +1257.69. I misplayed a hand where I called all-in with QQ, an overpair and flush draw - I was up against a made flush, re-drew to a flush but lost to a straight flush! I misplayed another hand that saved

me money, as I had AA and failed to put a guy all-in preflop with KK — as it turns out there was a short-stack all-in and the river was a K.

Day: $ =1,257.69

Week $+ 9,914.94

Running: $ + 5,533.40


391 hands NL, +2255.05 I would love to elaborate, but it was kind of a ho-hum day

Day: $ +2,255.05

Week $+ 12,169.99

Running: $ + 7,788.45


1148 hands, + 4,656.26 Almost all NL.

Lost a $2200 pot today with aces in NL. Kind of a bad beat story. Two limpers, a raise to $55, I re-raise to $615 with aces, raiser calls.

Flop A76 rainbow, I bet $100, he raises to $400, I call.

Turn 8, I check, he bets all-in for $500, I call.

River 10. He shows J9 for absolutely nothing on the flop and runner-runner by the end. Sigh.

Day: $ +4,656.26

Week $+ 16,826.25

Running: $ + 12,444.71


One multitable tournament, finished in the money, +1,322 One WSOP satellite, -650. 492 ring game NL hands, -681.75 Net: -9.75 (heh)

Day: $ -9.75

Week $+ 16,816.50

Running: $ + 12,434.96

Overall, a pretty good week. See you next week.


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