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Freeroll Week At Hollywood Poker

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Hollywood Poker, home of Vince van Patten and James Woods, are all set for a big money freeroll week ahead.

Starting on April 13th, Hollywood Poker's freeroll week has $10,000 up for grabs. In a series of four exclusive ascending tournaments, players get the chance to win big cash prizes for very little effort.

To participate, accumulate as many poker points as possible up until April 12th (5am EST). You will be given "tickets" based upon the number of points you have earned from your real money play. These tickets can be used in exchange for entry to the freeroll tournaments.

Here is the freeroll tournament schedule and poker points required for entry:

<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0">
<tr bgcolor="#ffffff">
<td width="15%" height="16">


<td width="55%" >


<td width="30%" >


<tr bgcolor="#F0F0F0">
<td height="16">10 </td>
<td >$1,000.00 freeroll</td>
<td >April 13th - 9pm EST </td>
<tr bgcolor="#ffffff">
<td height="16">50</td>
<td >$2,000.00 freeroll</td>
<td >April 15th - 9pm EST</td>
<tr bgcolor="#F0F0F0">
<td height="16">100</td>
<td >$3,000.00 freeroll</td>
<td >April 16th - 1pm EST </td>
<tr bgcolor="#ffffff">
<td height="16">200</td>
<td >$4,000.00 freeroll </td>
<td >April 17th - 1pm EST </td>

Joining Hollywood Poker is simple, just click here.

Read our full review of Hollywood Poker for the low down on this great poker room.

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