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Negreanu's miracle pill gives him a Clear Edge

Negreanu's miracle pill gives him a Clear Edge 0001

One of the most important components of the game of poker is concentration. To be able to consistently keep your focus on the game, whether involved in a hand or not, will more often than not make you or break you in a ring game or, more importantly, in a tournament setting. Those that are able to maintain that high mental state will be the victors.

In 2004, Daniel Negreanu stormed the poker world on his way to earning over four million dollars, the Player Of The Year championship at the World Series of Poker and the coveted Player Of The Year award from CardPlayer Magazine. For those of you who have read his personal blog, he has referred to a mental supplement that he has used and, to this point, has been unknown. The makers of the product are now ready for the general public and the poker community to know all about it.

Clear Edge is the name of the product that Daniel has used and endorses, and it is now out on the marketplace. It is a stimulant free, scientifically engineered energy and mental focus supplement that is designed for those people that participate in activities (or jobs) that require long periods of mental acuity. It can help boost mental and physical energy, improve your focus and short-term memory and lessen the fatigue and stress that comes with intense mental activities.

With Clear Edge now available to all, I had a great opportunity to speak with Herb McCandless, the exclusive distributor of Clear Edge. Herb gave up the details on his new development for the poker player.

PN: Clear Edge is a mental supplement. What would be the major drawing factor for a poker player?

HM: Our body responds to stress, anxiety and nervous energy with a series of physiological changes that may include increased adrenaline secretion, blood pressure elevation, heartbeat acceleration, and increased muscle tension. Increased adrenaline production also causes the body to increase metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to quickly produce energy for the body to use. Due to this extended energy burn, muscle and mental fatigue, lack of focus and concentration begin to set in.

Clear Edge is a revolutionary energy and mental focus formula designed specifically for those that participate in activities that require FULL concentration for extended periods of time. Clear Edge was engineered to cover ALL biochemical pathways associated with mental and muscle performance. Our unique blend and selection of clinically proven nutrients support mental clarity, focus and concentration, optimizes physical energy, decrease reaction time and fatigue, reduces stress and enhances overall mood.

For what it costs to play at the top level of poker today a player needs every advantage he or she can get. We feel this is a plus for those long days.

PN: What does Clear Edge do that other supplements don't for a poker player?

HM: Alpha GPC, along with Choline, improve cognitive performance, memory and reaction time through their roles as a component of acetylcholine (a neurochemical that stimulates a "transfer" of the nerve impulse from one nerve cell to the next). Huperzine A (HupA) also works via acetylcholine but in a different manner. Instead of being an actual component of acetylcholine, HupA clinically has shown to inhibit the activity of an enzyme called acetylcholine esterase. After the nerve impulse has been transmitted, this enzyme, acetylcholine esterase, breaks down acetylcholine terminating the nervous signal. Inhibiting this enzyme slows the breakdown of acetylcholine allowing longer, stronger nerve impulses and improving memory and overall cognitive processes.

PN: What goes into Clear Edge to help spark the brain?

HM: Clear Edge contains a scientifically advanced ratio of nutrients and amino acids that maximize the communication between brain cells, increase short-term memory, increase alertness, overall energy and heighten mood. The overall effect is a mentally and physically refreshed feeling without the use of stimulants, which can cause a sudden crash. For those that enjoy caffeine, however, it is perfectly safe to combine with Clear Edge.

PN: How long has Clear Edge been in development?

HM: The company that manufactured this for us has a similar product that was a powder that you mix in water for the fitness industry. It did contain caffeine, however. It took about three months to convert that to a pill form and take the stimulants out.

PN: Daniel Negreanu uses your product. Does he feel that it has been part of the improvement of his play?

HM: I'm not going to answer that for Daniel, but from what I know, Daniel will not put his name on just any product. He felt like it did help his game on those long, mentally challenging days.

PN: Is Clear Edge something that someone who isn't a poker player can use for an advantage in his or her daily life?

HM: Yes, it's for mental focus, mental stamina and memory. It really helps if your daily routine requires focus and stress is a part of your life.

PN: Are you expecting to be at the major poker events to extol the virtues of Clear Edge?

HM: Yes, right now we are planning on being at the Bellagio event in April (writer's note: The Third Annual Five Star World Poker Classic starts April 5th through the 25th). We are looking at the schedule now to determine our next event after that.

PN: Is there a website that someone can view to check over the product or purchase it?

HM: Yes, it is

PN: Thank you, Herb, for your time.

HM: Thank you as well!

I would like to thank Herb for his time and education on Clear Edge. In the world of poker, mental agility is key and it looks as though Herb McCandless has come up with something that can provide an extra edge to many players. In addition, it can help out people overall by increasing the mental agility that we all need in the 21st century. Be sure to look over and learn more about Clear Edge. It may be the edge that many a player is looking for!

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