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The Diary of Player X, Vol 6

The Diary of Player X, Vol 6 0001

Player X is a professional poker player who makes his living playing mostly online. The mystery and wild rumors often associated with online play, and people's misconceptions about the lifestyle lead us to decide to do this column on Player X. Make no mistake, Player X is a real player, and these are real results.
Many people in the poker world know Player X, and due to this, and other circumstances, Player X (by his or her choice) will remain anonymous. This person's results are real, however, and we will be able to follow him or her through the reality of being a professional poker player. If I did not know this person, and their reputation, I wouldn't publish this

Volume Six -

Sometimes this game is just biding time between your good weeks. That has been the case for me, as I have been spinning my wheels now for about three weeks running. This week was the week that it began to line up for me, and it seemed like everything worked really well. Enjoy the numbers, and don't miss the "Saturday Night Special" hand which put the cherry on my ice cream sundae this week.


Things started off the way they had been running. I had bad internet, and bad times in a shortened day - $273.29, on 538 hands of NL

Day total: - 273.29

Week total: $ - 273.29


The upswing begins. I had a guy bluff off $1,000 to me on a board of A 3h 3 4 10h holding J7 of hearts. My AQ held up

+$3001.96 on 1,002 hands of NL.

Day total: +3,001.96

Week total: $+2,728.67


Rough day, as I was stuck $2,000 almost right away, and fought back to + $718.13 on 855 hands of NL.

Day total: + 718.13

Week total: $ +3,446.80


I was out most of the day, then came home, and decided to play shorthanded. I was so hot, I think I got a sunburn.

+ $3,424.50, on 492 hands of NL

Day total: + 3,424.50

Week total: $ + 6,871.30


Worked hard today...a lot of grinding.

1326 hands of NL, $+1,525.71.

Day total: + 1,525.71

Week total: $ + 8,397.01


Had a good week, and kept it rolling. Here is the hand of the week. I play 99, flop comes 595. String along two different guys, who both wind up going all in with the other two fives. Below is the result...

$3 is raked from a total pot of $5365.

$3 is raked from the main pot of $1161.

$0 is raked from side pot #1 of $4204.

[Player X] wins the main pot $1158 with full house nines full of fives .

[Player X] wins the side pot $4204 with full house nines full of fives

+ 4,908.30 on ONLY 399 hands of NL.

Day total: + 4,908.30

Week total: $+ 13,305.31


Took the day off after a heater of a week.

Week total: $+ 13,305.31

Running total (since first diary entry - Six weeks total) $+23,273.82

See you next week.


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