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Poker's Highest Honor Roll

Poker's Highest Honor Roll 0001

There is no honor higher in poker than winning the main event of the World Series of Poker. In the 35 years the event had been staged, 29 different men have had their names associated with the games highest honor.

Some of these men have passed away, some of them have been passed by when speaking about the history of the game. Many of these names would be unknown to most who have discovered the game in the current explosion of Poker of the last couple years. But one thing is for sure...Each one of these men had their moment in the sun

In about five weeks, some lucky and skilled person is going to add their name to this long list of poker legends. Whether lucky, good, or a lot of both, all of these men had at least one moment in the poker sun. Five weeks from now, one more person will get to have their moment in the sun, and join this list of poker immortals.

To learn more about some of the earlier legends, click on their names to read about their lives.

1970: Johnny Moss

1971: Johnny Moss

1972: Amarillo Slim

1973: Puggy Pearson

1974: Johnny Moss

1975: Sailor Roberts

1976: Doyle Brunson

1977: Doyle Brunson

1978: Bobby Baldwin

1979: Hal Fowler

1980: Stu Ungar

1981: Stu Ungar

1982: Jack Strauss

1983: Tom Mcevoy

1984: Jack Keller

1985: Bill Smith

1986: Berry Johnston

1987: Johnny Chan

1988: Johnny Chan

1989: Phil Hellmuth

1990: Monsour Matloubi

1991: Brad Daugherty

1992: Hamid Dasmalchi

1993: Jim Bechtel

1994: Russ Hamilton

1995: Dan Harrington

1996: Huck Seed

1997: Stu Ungar

1998: Scotty Nguyen

1999: Noel Furlong

2000: Chris Ferguson

2001: Carlos Mortensen

2002: Robert Varkoni

2003: Chris Moneymaker

2004: Greg Raymer

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