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World Series of Poker - Day Four Report

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The tension is definitely beginning to build, as each of the 58 remaining competitors would do no worse than $145,875. Nearly half of these competitors would be at Binions in 36 hours to play down from 27 to 1. Most important was the fact that 16% of the remaining players would get to call themselves a final table participant, and have a year of fame as their face would be plastered all over ESPN for a year solid. Oh yeah, one of these 58 players was going to win $7.5 million dollars, and be famous for life.

The day started innocently enough, as 21 tables took up much less room than this tournament had needed for a whole week, and this allowed spectators much more room. The restriction of media access (by the middle of day three, there were more media in attendance than there were players left in the tournament) let the players breathe a little more, and allowed them to strut their stuff.

One particular player who was strutting a lot of stuff was Mike Matusow. Throughout this entire tournament, Mike has been doing his 'Mike the Mouth' stuff, and the ESPN cameras have been eating it up. The cards were on Mike's (and ESPN's) side on Tuesday, as Mike was the mover of the day, going from just over average in chips to second chip position.

The chip leader starting day three did not fare so well. Although still in, Greg Raymer took some hits, ran into some hands, and finished the day with a little less chips than when he started, which is not good when the average chip count moved up over three fold from the prior day.

The guy everyone fears is still lurking near the top. Phil Ivey had finished day three 7th in chips, and now is 5th. Ivey already has one win in this WSOP, and I can't imagine anyone at his table today is happy about being there.

A few notables left us today. The professor realized he was double booked with the Full Tilt live TV thing tonite, and bid adieu. Howard Lederer lasted into the mid afternoon, and left us in 133rd place, picking up $54,965 for four days work. Also eliminated on day four were Joe Beevers (151st - $46,245), Paul Darden (160th - $46,245). On a personal note, Gen Watanabe (head of our Japanese language site) finished 110th for a cool $65,360 or over 7 million Japanese Yen.

One hundred twenty seven players were eliminated, but the story is the fifty-eight players who are still alive. Included is this bunch are Hung La, Kenna James, Raymer, John Juanda, Lee Watkinson, Phil Ivey, and Mike Matusow. The chip leader is Tim Phan from the O.C., and Matasow, Fred Bonyadi, and Phil Ivey all lurk in the top five.

A nice story is developing in the form of Tiffany Jackson. Tiffany is the sole woman left in the field, and is 7th in chips coming into play today. Tiffany plays out of the U.K, and has played really well thus far. All eyes will begin to be on Tiffany now, as she can no longer blend into a 20 (or 200) table field. We will follow here progress.

Cards are back in the air today at noon, and we may not have a full 13 hour day today. Play will cease at 27, and the way things have been going so far, we should have no problem getting there today. The average stack still has 60 big blinds to work with, so hopefully we will see some play, and see who has the moves (and the luck) to make it to Binions on Friday. Chip counts are below. See you tomorrow.

Tim Phan $3,244,000 in chips

Mike Matusow $2,561,000

Farzad Bonyadi $2,402,000

Steve Danaman $2,143,000

Phil Ivey $2,027,000

Tex Barch $2,025,000

Tiffany Williamson $1,992,000

Johnny Howard $1,806,000

Scott Lazar $1,629,000

Tuan Vu $1,571,000

Gregory Rice $1,414,000

Raymi Sanchesz Thorn $1,288,000

Lee Watkinson $1,221,000

Tom Sartori $1,208,000

Daniel Bergsdorf $1,144,000

Brad Koundracki $1,136,000

Minh Ly $1,102,000

Terry Burt $1,080,000

Steve Marx $1,042,000

Per Hildebrand $1,017,000

Michael Kessler $986,000

Shahram $983,000

Patrick Hayden $972,000

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf $968,000

John Juanda $841,000

Joseph Hachem $814,000

Nick Givson $811,000

John McGrane $780,880

Aaron Kanter $778,000

Ayhan Alsancak $775,000

Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer $766,000

Radu Butan $762,000

Bing Wang $739,000

Oskar Silow $720,000

Adam Friedman $719,000

James Butt $716,000

Russell "The Muscle" Salzer $710,000

Bryant King $702,000

Frankling Caldwell $690,000

Yakov Hirsch $658,000

Joe Connor $641,000

Mark Forrester $628,000

Karlo Lopez $607,000

Joe Stillman $584,000

Kevin Kaikko $571,000

Tony Abesamis $513,000

Kenna James $510,000

Hung La $505,000

David Richardson $501,000

Roland Israelashvici $469,000

Francis W O'Brien $423,000

Bernard Lee $379,000

Andrew Black $371,000

Conor Tate $368,000

Derek Dix $202,000

Rod Pardey Jr. $187,000

Larry Prugh $166,000

Jarl Lindholt $101,000

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