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World Series of Poker - Day Three Final Report

World Series of Poker - Day Three Final Report 0001

At the beginning if the day, 568 players showed up at the Rio with the dream of being a world champion. In addition to their dream, they also knew that eight players would be leaving today with nothing. The tournament had ended the night before missing the money by only eight places, and there were going to be some really nervous people with short stacks sweating out the first hour and a half or so, hoping that their number would not be 561.

The play was painfully slow near the bubble, as play went hand for hand (in hand for hand play - each table must complete their hand before ANY table can start a new hand. This is designed to prevent stalling, and gaining an advantage by playing fewer hands at any given table). We lost three people in the first two hands, so with 65 tables in play, you figured hand for hand play would come to an end fairly quickly. For the next hour and ten minutes, we only lost four more people, and this was a process as slow and plodding as you could possibly imagine.

Finally, we had our bubble boy. Carl Ygborn was busted with about 40 minutes left in the first level of play, and the room erupted in applause. You had to feel sorry for Carl, as he was in the far corner of the room, and had to walk through a room of 560 other players, who were all clapping, shaking hands, and jumping up and down, knowing the worst they could do was $12,500. Carl made his walk with class, and in the middle of his walk was interrupted by Tournament Director Johnny Grooms, who informed him that as a token of appreciation, Carl would be given a free entry into the 2006 WSOP, courtesy of Harrah's. This was a nice gesture for a guy who had to endure a walk that must have felt like the longest walk of his life.

The next two hours were filled with the sounds of dealers yelling "All in, and call" as all the players who had been holding on to make the money threw their remaining chips in at a blistering pace, and we were back to losing two players a minute. Losing two players a minute when you have 200 tables is one thing, but when you are down to 40 tables, and its still happening, it is a sight to see.

This is the new world of internet fed, big bet poker, and its no wonder that the players who want to play small pots are getting forced into making decisions they don't want to make. Players are moving in preflop with 25 big blinds in their stack, over betting pots, and playing the kind of poker seen more and more these days.

Apparently, one player who is very well suited to play in this environment is Greg Raymer. The defending champ is our chip leader. Before you start thinking back to back, consider this. There are still three full days of poker to be played, and I think even Greg is probably still trying to fight those thoughts. Just for fun, I will say this now. If Greg Raymer repeats, it will be the greatest accomplishment in the history of the game, times five.

We started this day with 568 players, and seven went home miserable. We ended this day with 185 players, and all of them are guaranteed at least $39,075. Notable players that bit the dust today included Sam Farha, Layne Flack, "Minneapolis" Jim Meehan, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Barbara Enright, Kirill Gerasimov (who wins the bad beat of the day award for having his Aces cracked by Kings for a huge pot, and all his money), Clonie Gowan, Gavin Smith, and Young Phan.

Besides Raymer, a few notables such as Phil Ivey (currently 7th in chips), Howard Lederer, Mike Matusow, Can Kim Hua, John Juanda, Kenna James, Lee Watkinson, Joe Beevers, and Paul Darden all still have a chance. Today will be the real moving day, where the huge stacks set themselves up for a run, and the ones who can't hang on will go home. Complete chip counts are below. See you tomorrow.

Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer $1,064,000 in chips

Rodney Pardey Jr. $1,041,000

Brad Kondracki $962,500

Johnny Howard $910,500

Bob Larsen $796,500

Tim Phan $746,000

Phil Ivey $722,500

Steve Marx $679,500

S Bartholomew $659,000

Gabe Wells $655,500

Bryan Stelbuger $648,500

Oskar Silow $638,000

Bob Hotchandani $627,500

Raymi Sanchez Thorn $595,500

Manelic Minaya $594,500

Tex Barch $590,000

Jon Lane $585,000

James Ocson $583,000

David Bergsdorf $579,500

Tom Sartori $574,500

James Pollack $557,500

Karlo Lopez $556,500

Terry Burt $550,500

Joe Berry $542,500

James Buff $542,500

Minh Ly $530,250

Casper Christensen $525,500

Thomas A Roupe $525,000

Gregory Rice $523,000

Aaron Kanter $503,500

Howard Lederer $496,500

Matt Fitzpatrick $490,500

Randal Brooks $490,000

Jon Kalmar $469,500

Hung La $467,000

Nick Gibson $466,000

Nani Awad $460,500

Hunter Pappas $455,500

Mike Matusow $454,000

Sean Daulat $452,500

John McGrane $452,500

Nani Dollison $448,500

Tiffany Williamson $441,000

Mark Forrester $440,000

Yomtov Shabot $427,000

Samir Shakhtoor $414,000

Russell Salzer $412,500

Chris Short $411,500

Can Hua $404,000

Krystal Nelson $395,000

Espen Saltnes $388,000

Marcello Del Grosso $386,500

Kevin Kim $384,500

George Kelly Dickson $377,000

Scott Numoto $376,500

Larry Prugh $372,500

Carmen Menechella $370,000

Russ Hamilton $365,000

John Juanda $354,000

Jose M Rodriguez $352,500

Nick Camarts $348,500

Ron Ware $345,000

David Plastik $342,500

Franklin Caldwell $339,000

Alex Morales $337,500

Sarah Bilney $332,500

Bobby Law $325,500

Jarl Lindholt Joergensen $320,500

Yakov Hirsch $316,500

Tuan Vu $316,500

Chris Drozdowski $315,000

Tom Shaneberger $309,000

Michael Kessler $297,500

Roland Israelashvizi $289,000

Kenna James $287,500

Michael Cribb $282,500

Rafael "Ralph" Perry $282,000

Daniel Shak $280,500

Jason Lester $280,000

Jason Kaplan $274,500

Bing Wang $272,500

Gen Watamabe $271,000

David Richardson $269,500

Terry Myers $269,000

Bjorn Lindenberg $265,500

Tony Pirone $265,500

Patrick Madden $265,000

Paul Vicary $265,000

Scott Lazar $264,500

Niklas Flisberg $260,000

Robert Turner $260,000

Darryl Tennefos $259,500

JC Tran $259,500

Andrew Black $257,000

Bryant King $253,500

Kevin McCarthy $251,000

Joe Stillman $249,500

Joe Simmons $245,000

Shahram Sheikhan $243,000

Paul Mannetta $240,000

Tony Abesamis $237,500

Francis W O'Brien $234,000

Patrick Hayden $233,000

Joseph Hachem $231,000

Erick Richardson $227,000

Josh Prager $225,000

Mark Cole $224,500

Joe Connor $224,000

Mitchell Klein $219,500

Daniel Alaei $219,000

Alan Singer $217,000

Jack Ward $207,500

Webber Kang $206,300

Kevin Wright $202,000

Richard Lapwood $202,000

Richard Kirsch $200,500

Conor Tate $200,000

Dennis Savelkoul $197,500

Anthony Laughing, Jr $192,500

Kelly Zoudo $192,500

Dmitriy Eidelman $189,500

David Steirman $181,500

Lee Watkinson $181,000

Joe Toth $180,500

Stephen Deetz $180,000

Derek Dix $178,500

Joseph Chiosie $178,000

Anthony Hill $173,000

Joe Beevers $173,000

Louie Calvo $170,500

Vadim Shlez $170,500

Louis Lo $169,500

Michaey Leahy $169,000

Adam Friedman $166,000

Dietrich Alex $159,500

Cliff Cantor $159,000

Radu Butan $158,500

Mark Graves $154,000

Mike May $153,500

Kit Phaphon $150,500

Jake Minter $146,500

Glyn Banks $144,500

Bernard Lee $143,000

Peter Hedlund $141,500

Mehrdad Yousefzadeh $136,500

Kevin O'Brien $136,500

Tom Koral $132,000

Steven Dannenmann, CPA $131,000

Per Hildebrand $131,000

Farzad Bonyadi $129,500

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf $127,000

Tom Pniak $126,500

Alejandro Pachero $126,500

Chris Podlewski $126,000

Babak Rozi $123,000

Kevin Kaikko $122,000

Mark Tenner $112,000

Paul Fisher $110,000

Ayhan Alsancak $109,500

Mark Bryan $109,000

Amit Sander $109,000

Michael P Mollay $104,500

Kjetil Praesttun $102,000

Tom Clark $94,500

Dutch Boyd $92,000

Joe Leibman $88,000

Sean Blanton $87,000

Adam Brosius $86,500

John R "TBR" Brown $85,500

Joseph Vannata $84,500

Matt Fitzgerald $81,500

Michael Capener $80,000

George Thomas Huber $73,000

Doug Gehring $73,000

Martin Cedercrantz $71,500

Frank Hernandez $67,000

Jon Hoellein $63,500

Mike Wattel $62,500

Paul L Darden, Jr. $60,000

Jeffrey Geiger $48,000

Tom Drotleff $41,500

Brett Wiesner $36,000

Ed Pellegrini $23,500

John McLaughlin $16,500

Imad Samouna $7,400

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