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Poker Room Deploys Animal Marketing Strategy

Poker Room Deploys Animal Marketing Strategy 0001

Many in the poker industry spend long hours trying to come up with new and different ways of marketing poker sites, but few have come up with promotions as bizarre as that of Golden Palace As reported in a previous Pokernews article, Golden Palace has found success with its innovative marketing tactics, ranking 22nd on eGaming Review's Power 50.

Golden Palace is known for purchasing the likeness of the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich. Male boxers wear Golden Palace ads stenciled on their backs. One person even got the words Golden tattooed to their forehead. Now Golden Palace has come up with a new way to reach consumers.

The company recently unleashed a new advertising campaign in the heart of Sarasota County, Florida. Golden Palace is working with local farmer Lem Chasser and his cows to create what might be the first poker-animal promotion. The site is painting more than 100 of Chasser's black-spotted cows pink and purple so they act as "mooving" neon billboards for the site. The colorful cows will be pastured near a highway to maximize exposure of this unique ad scheme and milk the promotion for all its worth.

Almost as interesting as this bovine advertisement is the way in the promotion came about. Golden Palace placed the winning bid for the possible "cash cow" on Ebay.

Although this promotion may sound bizarre, it already has two supporters: Lem Chasser and People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Thanks to the advertising deal, Chasser will make enough money to keep his cows from the slaughterhouse and PETA supports the ads because messages on several cows read "Go Veg!"- a slogan the group uses to promote its vegetarian and animal rights message.

What will Golden Palace think of next?

Ed Note: Paradise Poker are gearing up for the Masters III tournament, which will have a prize pool of over $1,000,000

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