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The Poker Professor Goes Mobile

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Cingular Wireless, the largest wireless carrier in the United States, and Summus Inc., a top provider of mobile media applications, have joined forces to bring mobile phone owners, "Secrets of Hold'em with Howard Lederer." This is Cingular's first move into poker-based mobile applications.

Lederer, known as "the Professor," is as qualified a poker teacher as they come. This famous player is also a two-time World Series of Poker champion, winner of two Hall of Fame titles, and is the owner of three Bellagio titles.

'Secrets of Hold'em, with Howard Lederer', differs from other mobile poker applications in that it combines challenging action with a teaching component that allows players to improve their games. The game can be played "stand alone" or as a companion to an existing mobile game.

To help players develop their games, Lederer and company have built in game features that include hints, tips, and interactive strategy charts that are sure to strengthen a player's understanding of the game.

After learning the poker "ropes," players can challenge several computer-simulated poker celebrities such as Annie Duke, Chris Ferguson, Phil Gordon, Matt Savage, and Greg Raymer. Players begin the game with $500 and may enter a series of tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $100 to $10,000. The biggest prize of the game comes when players win the $10,000 and they get to face the man himself in a head-to-head battle for mobile poker supremacy.

According to Lederer, his move into the field of mobile poker tutorials is a bold step into the future of the game. "I am very impressed with the way Summus captured the essence of my tutorial products and integrated it into a fun, challenging, mobile hold'em game. We are excited at the prospect of imparting poker knowledge via mobile phones at any time or location."

In a recent press release, Lederer also suggested that the game is a perfect fit for all player types. "The product is valuable to all poker players whether they are practicing for a big tournament, or needing access to pre-flop tips while actually playing a hand online or at a real table."

According to Cingular Wireless vice president of consumer data, Jim Ryan, the timing was right for the poker venture. "For millions of consumers, Texas Hold'em has clearly become a favorite pastime, one that can be easily and conveniently enjoyed and played in person, on the PC and on the wireless phone. As a company, we are always on the lookout for innovative and compelling products and services that appeal to Cingular customers' communication and entertainment needs."

Ed Note: WPT host Mike Sexton proudly endorses Party Poker ...Can the Ambassador of Poker be wrong?

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