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WSOP Launches Casino Table Game

WSOP Launches Casino Table Game 0001

Harrah's Entertainment has yet again found a way to further promote it's already well known World Series of Poker brand. By joining forces with Progressive Gaming International Corporation, Harrah's has now bought its way into a different economic avenue of the gaming market with the new tables.

To be used at all of Harrah's properties upon receiving approval from the regulatory agencies, the new game will give casinos another "television poker-giant" series of games. Recently, the World Poker Tour also announced the debut of WPT poker games at various casinos. These two behemoth corporations are once again set to battle it out for who has the biggest returns on this new gaming venture.

According to Harrah Entertainment's corporate vice president of table games, Gerry Tuthill, the further expansion of the WSOP brand is the perfect match for partner Progressive Gaming International Corportation. "We are excited to align with Progressive Gaming International and present a new, exciting way for poker fans to experience first-hand the thrills of the World Series of Poker."

In addition to pleasing players, the new table game should benefit casino operators as well. According to vice president of sales and marketing at Progressive Gaming, this is a unique opportunity for gaming expansion by casinos. "Combining the popular and highly recognized WSOP brand with the exciting game play of Texas Hold'Em Bonus Poker will provide all table game operators with a unique addition to their table games portfolio."

Tuthill further echoed Parente's sentiment's by declaring the game's success. "This break-through game will be attractive for gamers and casino operators alike."

With placement throughout the Harrah's properties nationwide, the new game will certainly have its chance to shine and for players who simply don't like the nuances of traditional live games, this may be their way to winning the big dollars found in poker.

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