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Online site gives 'Poker Goats' as Incentives

Online site gives 'Poker Goats' as Incentives 0001

In the online poker community, there is plenty of competition for new players. To get these players, many poker referral sites entice new players with incentives like bonuses and giveaways. One site, however, has taken its gift-giving to a new level, giving players excellent value as well as making a meaningful contribution to human beings.

Referral sites typically bombard potential players with email that offers incentives to entice them to join major online poker sites. The referral site then makes money by receiving a percentage of a new player's cash play

Competition for players has certainly never been greater, and as the online poker community grows, so do the sign-up incentives. In a unique move, one site is offering players a "Poker Goat" instead of a typical sign-up incentive.

By signing up for one of the main poker sites via poker bonus direct, players will get a certified card and voucher that states that a family in Africa or in another third-world country has been given a goat.

In an industry in which the lines of morality and legality are constantly questioned because of the money involved, some would say it is refreshing to see a promotion like this.

Now, this offer may sound strange at first, but a lot of people who have considered plunging into online poker have hesitated because of the moral stigma associated with gambling. But this goat offer could give be such morally worried players a chance to join the game with the piece of mind that they are making a difference in the lives of others.

There is no guarantee that this sign-up incentive will be a major success for the site, but the idea certainly has "legs" and gives poker another positive promotion based on helping others - something that is needed if the industry is to grow.

Ed Note: Don't let poker get your goat. Play at Pacific Poker

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