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Poker Birthday: 'Live At The Bike' Celebrates Second Year

Poker Birthday: 'Live At The Bike' Celebrates Second Year 0001

It's hard to believe, but the Internet program "Live At The Bike" is getting ready to start its second year on the Web very soon.

For those of you that may have never checked it out, "Live At The Bike" features a variety of mostly No Limit Hold Em cash games as they play out live from the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. It was created to allow viewers to learn the game of poker by watching some of the best professionals in the world going up against the "grinders" of the Bicycle at cash games of all amounts in one of the largest card rooms in the world. To this point, it has been a tremendous success.

When it first started last year, "Live At The Bike" only ran during a couple of nights of the week. Now the show goes from Monday through Friday at 7PM to 10PM (Pacific Time) and continues to draw in not only the players but also the viewers as well. Haig Kelegian, managing partner of the Bike, stated it simply why "Live At The Bike" has grown when he said, "This project was an opportunity for the Bike to put itself on the map with a new and insightful industry progression of introducing cash poker to the Internet."

The production values of the program would rival that of many of the televised poker broadcasts that you see. With fourteen cameras capturing the action, not a gesture or nuance is missed during the play of a hand at the tables. The commentary is provided by professional players Bart Hanson and David Tuchman, who are often assisted by many other guest professionals who add to the show's appeal.

Eveliene Dullaart, the Casino Administrator of the Bicycle Casino, seemed to capture the appeal of "Live At The Bike" when she was asked about it. "Unlike televised shows and Internet properties that focus on tournament poker, this is the only show where 'Poker' is the real star," she said. "It's not so much about the celebrities or the money. It's about the sport and passion of poker presented in its purest form. It's not a staged and edited production on a set; it's filmed in a real casino, with cold, hard cash on the line with every hand. This show gives viewers the unique chance to literally sit at the table with players of all calibers of experience and learn from the wins and the fallout from mistakes that are made."

The program has also been a nice promotional tool for the casino itself, as many who have watched "Live At The Bike" now find themselves making a stop at the Bicycle Casino as a part of a poker junket. "It's given us worldwide exposure that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise," proudly proclaimed Kelley O'Hara, the Marketing Director for the Bicycle Casino. As they get ready to start their second year, congratulations and continued success to the Bicycle Casino and "Live At The Bike". For more details be sure to visit the website at

Ed Note: WPT host Mike Sexton proudly endorses Party Poker ...Can the Ambassador of Poker be wrong?

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