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Interesting Turn of Events in WSOP Freeroll

Interesting Turn of Events in WSOP Freeroll 0001

Many online poker players dream of winning a seat to the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, especially a package that included all their travel funds. As they say in many sports, 'no one remembers who finished second'. The latest winner to join Team PokerNews at the WSOP will be an exception to that rule.

When the dust settled on the most recent Freeroll at Titan Poker, we had a winner. The winner (from Holland) excitedly told his best friends, one of which reminded him, to his horror that he was already booked to be in a dear friends wedding that weekend. Oops. So, the winner made a very classy call to us here at, and told us he would not be able to take the seat.

Enter Johnny Vincent from Australia. Johnny had a big stack at the final table of this tournament, only to have internet connection problems hinder his ability to finish. Vincent solved his connection problems, but couldn't fade the circumstances, and eventually had to settle for second place.

Disappointed, Vincent ventured to New Zealand to play in the NZ Championships, where we reached him by phone. How did the 24 year old from Brisbane, Australia feel when he got the call that his second place had turned into a spot on Team PokerNews, and a trip to Las Vegas?

"Ecstatic. I couldn't believe it when they called." Said Vincent "When the tournament was over, I told myself 'When is the next time you'll be heads up for a WSOP seat?' I certainly was relieved it worked out. I feel a bit sorry for the winner, as it will be an amazing experience."

So, how did the above mentioned connection problems affect his final table play?

"When {the computer} locked up, I was either first, or had just barely slipped to second in chips" Vincent remembers "I was disappointed in getting disconnected, but the quality of play was much better at the final table, so who knows how it would have worked out."

So, what does a young, self-professed 'Honest Grinder' hope to get out of his first trip to the World Series of Poker Main Event?

"To make the money would be unreal" Vincent muses "I'm going to try to play a tight, aggressive game, and take my chances when they come"

Note From John - Read This if You Like Money - There were only 36 players competing in this freeroll for a WSOP package. That is really good value. Players out there reading this should really consider signing up for one of these rooms. We have four seats left to give away at Noble Poker, and three left at both CD Poker, and Titan Poker. If you sign up for one of these rooms, you are eligible to play in all of the Freerolls (some require a small amount of raked hands to be played). Ever considered signing up for Full Tilt, Hollywood Poker, or We have one seat left at each of those rooms as well. The Full Tilt Freeroll is especially cool, as not only will the winner get a seat, and travel expenses, but he or she will join Full Tilt at their Gala Ball in late July at the WSOP, where all the Tilters will be in attendance.
A note to American players. So far, we have two Dutch, and two Australian winners. I really hope we rally, and get a few yanks into Team PokerNews. I am hearing about it from my European colleagues already. So far, Dennis Waterman and I are the only Americans on Team PokerNews. Come on, folks - represent!

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