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WPT, WSOP Leaders To Headline World Poker Congress

WPT, WSOP Leaders To Headline World Poker Congress 0001

In what is potentially a first in the poker community, both of the leaders of the two premiere poker tours in the world today will be the keynote speakers during a conference in Sweden later this year.

With the announcement that Steve Lipscomb, the founder and president of the World Poker Tour, has joined the roster of speakers during the World Poker Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, it gives those in the poker community the opportunity to hear from the mouths of the two leaders of the two most prestigious poker tours in the world. Joining Lipscomb at the dais as co-keynote speaker will be Jeffery Pollack, the commissioner of the World Series of Poker, to finish off the two day conference on June 28th. This occurrence is perhaps the first time that those in the community can hear from both of the most popular poker tours today at the same time.

"Steve Lipscomb had the vision and foresight to create the World Poker Tour, one of the important events that launched the current poker boom," said Sue Schneider, president of River City Group, one of the organizers of the World Poker Congress. "Along with Jeffery Pollack, who runs the oldest and most respected poker tour, Lipscomb will reveal the global reach of the game and how it is penetrating international markets."

The featured discussions by both men will not be the only highlights of the conference, which starts on June 27th. The World Poker Congress will also look at the similarities between the online and live poker worlds. While their will be these two distinct tracks for the attendees at the conference, they will be discussing matters that should be of shared interest, not only to them but to many in the poker industry around the world. Attendees will join colleagues to discuss issues such as marketing poker rooms, player development, legislation and economics in Europe, staging tournaments, building a player base, business strategies for a quickly maturing industry, fraud and security, mergers and acquisitions and much more.

Another organizer of the event believes this will be an optimum time for those involved in the industry to get together to share ideas. "The World Poker Congress will be the premier conference for the business of poker globally," stated Paul Dworin, who also is the publisher of Global Gaming Business and PokerBiz magazines. "There is clearly a synergy between online poker rooms and real world poker and the WPC will examine how to capitalize on the growth of the game, no matter which side of the equation someone's business operates."

The two days of meetings between the biggest and brightest from the online and live poker rooms should be a tremendous look at the state of the game today. It should also be a very formative conference that could offer a glimpse into the future of the sport of poker. For more information on the World Poker Congress, visit their website for more details at

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