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PokerTek Earns Award At Industry Conference

PokerTek Earns Award At Industry Conference 0001

At the Gaming Technology Summit in Las Vegas, which wrapped up on recently, the casino gaming company PokerTek was able to capture one of the most prestigious awards of the conference by taking the Platinum Award for the Most Innovative Technology Product for 2005.

Casino Journal handed out awards to different companies based on their products and their usage in today's casino world. The Platinum Award, in particular, recognizes the most innovative and creative technology products and services in the gaming industry. Hundreds of new products that were released in 2005 were eligible for this award and were voted on by a panel of industry experts. The top honors were chosen based on the product's role in a casino, the casino's benefit of the investment, and the new software and technology advancement it brought to the industry.

PokerTek won the Platinum Award by creating the PokerPro poker tables, a revolutionary table that integrates both live action and computerization into the live poker world. The tables themselves have been slowly integrated into the casino world with their introduction in the card rooms of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casinos in Tampa and Hollywood, FL, and have also been installed at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma. There has also been a worldwide look at the tables as well, as they were shown off to the crowd at the Aussie Millions and at the International Casino Exhibition in London back in January of this year.

"For the PokerPro tables to win first place as the most innovative technology product of 2005 is a great honor for our company," said James Crawford, President of PokerTek. "This award was selected by both operators and our peers in the gaming industry and further validates the innovation and hard work that we have put into making PokerPro the most profitable poker table in the industry."

PokerTek is looking to roll the PokerPro tables out to more casinos, not only in the United States but around the world. While some in the poker world may be reluctant to play on the tables, they could very well be the future of the cash game segment of the poker industry. Because of the speed of play that the tables provide, more casinos may be interested in installing the tables for their patrons. For now, though, congratulations must be given to PokerTek for their award and you can learn more about the tables themselves by visiting

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