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WSOP Chip Counts (Selected) for Day Three

WSOP Chip Counts (Selected) for Day Three 0001

For the first time since the beginning of the main event of the World Series of Poker, all of the players in the tournament will play under one roof on Friday. Today is a much needed day off, and below you can find the top 20 in chips, and some selected names of the other 1,139 still left in the field.

One name stands out, as Daniel Negreanu has climbed his way to 6th in chips, after riding a really short stack for much of his day one. One player who was on Daniel's table came up to me during play last night, and, despite just doubling himself up to 100,000 chips, was more interested in talking about Daniel than his own double up. He said this to me. "Man, Daniel has the whole table wrapped around his finger – it's just a matter of time now". Daniel was at about 120,000 chips at that point, and indeed apparently it was just a matter of time.

Play will resume at noon on Friday, and the field will easily reach the money that day. The final table is scheduled for Thursday, August 10th.

Team PokerNews has three players left, and they are in bold.

Dmitri Nobles $549,200

Yuriy Kozinskiy $443,300

Jon Lave $405,400

Ken Jacobs $375,300

Daniel Pelletier $334,300

Daniel Negreanu $331,000

Jason Strasses $319,000

Terris Preston $313,300

Brian Crespin $309,000

Paul Wasicka $308,300

Philippe Boucher $303,500

Matt Woodward $301,800

Michael Lynn $291,000

Dario Minieri $275,900

Alex Balardin $274,800

Joe Fahriman $270,300

Cheng Yu $258,200

Michael Binger $256,000

Eric Molina $250,300

Akshay Kumar $249,600

Dan Heimiller $203,300

Phi Nguyen $198,100

Jeff Lisandro $194,800

Eric 'Rizen' Lynch $194,500

Per Erik Loeff $177,500

Allen Cunningham $172,900

David Chiu $154,700

Humberto Brenes $148,300

John Gale $146,500

John Hoang $145,200

Richard Grijalva $138,300

Justin Huxley "The Hux" $136,300

Ted Lawson $135,000

Ted Forrest $130,900

Stan Goldstein $128,100

Alex Todd $118,500

Joe Hachem $114,100

David Pham $112,300

Hieu "Tony" Ma $98,500

Stuart Paterson $92,600

Yun-Hsiang Fan $91,800

Nam Le $91,000

Josh Arieh $85,600

Bob Feduniak $84,600

Tony Bloom $82,500

Mark Vos $81,100

Cyndy Violette $79,000

Rob Lederer $78,000

Juan Carlos Mortensen $77,600

Surinder Sunar $77,300

Gareth Edwards $75,900

Pete 'the beat' Giordano $73,000

Darrell 'gigabet' Dicken $69,300

Hoyt Corkins $67,900

Annie Duke $67,000

Cecilia Mortensen $66,600

Freddy Deeb $64,500

Noah Jefferson $63,600

Tom McEvoy $60,500

Aaron 'Gamble AB' Bartley $59,500

Paul Wolfe $59,500

Richard Brodie $57,800

Allan Jaffrey Shulman $57,700

Hans "Tuna" Lund $56,900

Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson $55,200

Prahlad Friedman $49,200

Kathy Liebert $48,500

David Grey $46,200

Melissa Hayden $44,900

Barny Boatman $43,000

Bill Baxter $42,600

Jose Rosenkrantz $42,400

Susie Isaacs $40,300

Martin Feijo $38,100

Phil Ivey $23,400

Tex Barch $19,800

Layne Flack $19,500

Dan Goldman $17,800

Casey Kastle $16,300

Nick Grudzien $11,500

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