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WSOP Chip Counts - Selected Counts for Day Two 'B'

WSOP Chip Counts - Selected Counts for Day Two 'B' 0001

Last night, the players of World Series of Poker Main Event Day 2 'A' played all the way down to 570 players, even stopping early as it was clear they could get a little too close to the money to make it fair for the other day two. Day 1 'C', and Day 1 'D' seemed to play a bit slower, so it will be interesting to see what number they arrive at. Things will become a lot easier on Friday, as after a day off, play will resume Friday with all the players left in the field playing at the same time for the first time since this tournament began.

Below are some selected chip counts. Again, we apologize if we missed your cousin, but 1,600 names is just too overwhelming.

Our Team PokerNews representatives, John Vincent, and Gareth Edwards are in bold.

Hung Tran $177,475

Stephen Grasostri $142,925

Richard Gryko $128,575

Adam Jones $125,525

Daryn Firicano $121,225

William Nairh $116,100

Pelletier Daniel $107,850

Jonathan Carlson $106,375

Charlie Sewell $106,175

Roma Dario $103,625

Darrell 'Gigabet' Dicken $95,025

Joe Hachem $86,950

Daniel Negreanu $85,800

Philippe Boucher $82,575

Gareth Edwards $75,025

Paul Sexton $64,975

Ted Forrest $57,325

Robert Varkonyi $55,275

Freddy Deeb $54,750

Noah Jefferson $54,300

Barny Boatman $51,700

Surinder Sunar $51,525

Greg Raymer $48,500

Joe Cassidy $47,300

Cyndy Violette $46,300

Nam Le $44,300

Bradley Berman $44,300

John Gale $39,100

Tom McEvoy $39,025

Russell Salzer $36,625

Adam Schoenfeld $36,425

Brian Wilson $34,525

Robert Mizrachi $33,750

Josh Arieh $31,425

Huck Seed $30,450

Rene Elizondo $29,600

Vincent Napolitano $29,575

H. 'Bob' Voulgaris $29,275

Peter Costa $29,075

Melissa Hayden $28,175

J.C. Tran $26,850

Piotr Gryc $26,075

Justin Huxley $25,625

Robert Thompson $24,975

Bobby Baldwin $23,500

Johnny Vincent $22,750

Allun Jaffrey $21,800

Alan Goehring $21,375

Chris Grigorian $21,100

Kathy Liebert $20,000

Robert Morrow $19,225

Pete 'the beat' Giordano $19,200

Donald Fagan $18,725

Steve Zolotow $18,625

Paul Wolfe $15,550

Robert Williamson III $14,925

Rene Angelil $14,200

Joseph Reitman $13,425

Susie Isaacs $13,350

Francois Safieddine $13,275

Hans Lund $12,800

Artie Cobb $12,400

Brian 'protégé' Fidler $11,750

Patty Gallagher $11,600

Nick Grudzien $11,375

Denny Crum $10,850

Mark Gregorich $9,275

Tim Resnik $8,050

Lacey Jones $6,650

Mickey Mills $6,325

Howard Andrew $6,200

Sarah Bilney $6,100

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