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WSOP Updates: Day Five of the Main Event is a Sprint.

WSOP Updates: Day Five of the Main Event is a Sprint. 0001

The Main Event of the WSOP was scheduled to give players plenty of play. Day four was designed to see 600 players play down to 300. Instead, day four saw 480 players start, and only 135 finish.

Day five was essentially a 'time freeroll', as the day was designed to go from 300 players down to 150. Since there were only 135 players to start the day, the tournament was a full day ahead of schedule. The chip counts were certainly big enough relative to the blinds for things to slow down.

No one told the players to slow down, however, and by the dinner break, we had lost over ½ the field, and sat at merely 65 players remaining.

After the dinner break, the players went into the usual 'food coma mania', and started busting out left and right. In the first level after dinner, we had lost another 15 players, and the field stood at only 50, or 10 less than the number that they were supposed to play down to on Tuesday.

The decision was made (reportedly by commissioner Jeffrey Pollack) to play down to 45 players, which they achieved with the elimination of Sean Johnson at about 11:30 last night.

Notables hitting the rail on day five included Annie Duke, Casey Kastle, early tournament chip leader Dmitri Nobles, and the last surviving woman in the field, Sabyl Cohen, who finished 56th.

Reportedly, the plan is to play from 45 to 27 today, and then take Tuesday off, resuming the originally planned schedule of playing from 27 to 9 on Wednesday, and then the final table on Thursday. Complete chip counts, and day five eliminations are below.

End of Day Five Chip Counts

Jamie Gold $7,330,000

Erik Friberg $5,905,000

William Thorson $3,545,000

Rhett Butler $3,210,000

Kevin Aaronson $3,190,000

Ricki Nielsen $3,120,000

Siddharth Jain $3,090,000

Michael Binger $3,045,000

Jeffrey Lisandro $2,995,000

David Einhorn $2,840,000

Jim Routos $2,775,000

Richard Lee $2,350,000

Robert Betts $2,235,000

Andrew Schreibman $2,200,000

Dan Schmiech $2,155,000

Paul Wasicka $2,055,000

Lee Kort $2,005,000

John Magill $1,955,000

Eric Lynch $1,940,000

Rob Roseman $1,845,000

Mark Garner $1,810,000

Mitch Schock $1,785,000

Kevin O'Donnell $1,600,000

Prahlad Friedman $1,600,000

Paul Raeburn $1,385,000

Eric Molina $1,360,000

Douglas Kim $1,335,000

Marc Friedmann $1,315,000

Weikai Chang $1,295,000

Allen Cunningham $1,290,000

Brian Hansen $1,230,000

Mikael Thuritz $1,185,000

Rob Berryman $1,150,000

Cuong Do $1,115,000

Dustin Holmes $1,100,000

Fred Goldberg $1,080,000

Dan Nassif $1,035,000

Kyle Bowker $885,000

Sirous Jamshidi $845,000

John Lee $805,000

Richard Wyrick $800,000

Humberto Brenes $565,000

Luke Chung $560,000

Leif Force $510,000

Lowell Kim $350,000

Players Eliminated on Day Five, and their payouts.

46th place Sean Johnson $164,932

47th Raphael Doromal $164,932

48th David Murray $164,932

49th Cheng Yu $164,932

50th Richard Gryko $164,932

51st Nicolai Vivet $164,932

52nd Michael Bower $164,932

53rd Ricardo Velasco $164,932

54th Scotty O'Reilly $164,932

55th John Ma $123,699

56th Sabyl Cohen $123,699

57th Stefan Mattsson $123,699

58th Aki Ruuskanen $123,699

59th Max Reele $123,699

60th Shannon Westbrook $123,699

61st Chris Damick $123,699

62nd Ken Jacobs $123,699

63rd Bryan Micon $123,699

64th Noah Siegel $90,713

65th Reuben Peters $90,713

66th Clint Brotherton $90,713

67th Brian Nadell $90,713

68th Vipul Kothani $90,713

69th Alan Resh $90,713

70th James Flick $90,713

71st Chris Kealy $90,713

72nd Marcello Delgrosso $90,713

73rd John Kim $65,973

74th Aaron Baltzell $65,973

75th Daniel Kreitzman $65,973

76th Dmitri Nobles $65,973

77th Anthony Fagan $65,973

78th Paramjit Gill $65,973

79th Scott Malone $65,973

80th Jean Houle $65,973

81st Sebastian Zavarshy $65,973

82nd Paul Greim $51,129

83rd Matthew Morgan $51,129

84th Shram Ravindran $51,129

85th Lasse Ubostad $51,129

86th Rick Mombourquette $51,129

87th Benjamin Logan $51,129

88th Annie Duke $51,129

89th Pat Dattilo $51,129

90th Mihail Simonsen $51,129

91st Thomas Wahlroos $51,129

92nd Barry Goren $51,129

93rd Hossein-Khodaband $51,129

94th Tony Moretina $51,129

95th Matt Woodward $51,129

96th Alan Schein $51,129

97th Davis Huynh $51,129

98th Sam Khoueis $51,129

99th Paul Coles $51,129

100th Alex Balandin $51,129

101st Iago Lopez Gonzalez $51,129

102nd Carlos Lopez $51,129

103rd Dan Abouaf $51,129

104th Walt Schafer $51,129

105th Brady Shepard $51,129

106th Mark Shanta $51,129

107th Mack Lee $51,129

108th Virgil Beddingfield $51,129

109th Steven Guodemote $51,129

110th Justin Diamond $51,129

111th Tyler Teague $51,129

112th Matt Wilson $51,129

113th Mark Petersen $51,129

114th Eric Buchman $51,129

115th David Simon $51,129

116th Steiner Karlsen $51,129

117th Debra Lalor $51,129

118th Per Erik Loeff $51,129

119th Casey Kastle $51,129

120th Kevin Daly $51,129

121st Robby Robertson $51,129

122nd Derek S. Callon $51,129

123rd Chris Back $51,129

124th Tyler Pendleton $51,129

125th Glenn Karlsen $51,129

126th Brian Kornfeld $51,129

127th Arturo Moelas $47,006

128th James Petrillo $47,006

129th Robert Taylor $47,006

130th Hakan Sahl $47,006

131st Kevin Nathan $47,006

132nd David Woo $47,006

133rd Theodore Park $47,006

134th Bart Gilliom $47,006

135th Cory Butler $47,006

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