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WSOP Updates – And Then There Were Nine – The Final Table is Set.

WSOP Updates – And Then There Were Nine – The Final Table is Set. 0001

Talk about a marathon. The nine men left standing in the World Series of Poker have truly outlasted the field. Having been a starter in the field myself, I'm not sure I can imagine still playing in the tournament I played in nearly two weeks ago.

But, this is poker, and that means somebody has to make the final table, and these nine guys have certainly earned their keep. A player can slide his way through a one day tournament, maybe even two or three days. But, if you play six and a half full days of poker, and are still standing, you're doing something right.

When the tournament started, many people including myself remarked at how bad the poker was overall. But, over the last few days, there has been some pretty darn good poker being played, and generally these nine deserve to be here.

Not only are each of these nine guaranteed at least 1.5 million dollars in prize money, they are guaranteed a type of fame that can only come with being shown on ESPN over….and…over….and….over for the next nine months or so.

Speaking of ESPN, today is an off day so the players can rest, and ESPN can conduct the interviews, and background segments with plenty of time to do so.

As has been the case for the last few days, Jamie Gold is the clear chip leader. However, the days of him having the rest of the field covered two to one are over. Jamie stands at 25 million and change, and Allen Cunningham is catching up at just under 18 million in chips. Another player to watch for is Sweden's Erik Friberg. Friberg stands at just under 10 million, and has played really well, most notably having arguably the best day seven of any of the competitors.

The final nine with chip counts are below. Here is what they will earn.

1st $12,000,000

2nd $6,102,499

3rd $4,123,310

4th $3,628,513

5th $3,216,182

6th $2,803,851

7th $2,391,520

8th $1,979,189

9th $1,566,858

Final Table Chip Counts

Jamie Gold $25,650,000

Allen Cunningham $17,770,000

Richard Lee $11,820,000

Erik Friberg $9,605,000

Paul Wasicka $7,970,000

Douglas Kim $6,770,000

Rhett Butler $4,815,000

Michael Binger $3,140,000

Dan Nassif $2,600,000

Players that busted out on day seven, and their payouts.

10th Fred Goldberg $1,154,527

11th Leif Force $1,154,527

12th John Magill $1,154,527

13th William Thorson $907,128

14th Luke Chung $907,128

15th Kevin Aaronson $907,128

16th Sirous Jamshidi $659,730

17th Jeffery Lisandro $659,730

18th David Einhorn $659,730

19th Dustin Holmes $494,797

20th Prahlad Friedman $494,797

21st Kevin O'Donnell $494,797

22nd Lee Kort $494,797

23rd Rob Roseman $494,797

24th Erick Lynch $494,797

25th Mark Garner $494,797

26th Siddharth Jain $494,797

27th Richard Wyrick $494,797

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