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PartyPoker Joins The Mac Brigade

PartyPoker Joins The Mac Brigade 0001

Everyone thinks (or Bill Gates would like everyone to think) that the computer world revolves around the Windows operating system. In the online poker world that seems to be true as well as very few rooms offer an alternative for people who run an Apple computer system (which uses the Macintosh operating system), who do not want to actually download a poker room on their computer (a browser based poker room) or have a Linux based system. PartyPoker, after hearing the cries of those who look for other alternatives, has finally responded and entered into the "other" options of the online world.

PartyPoker has announced they now has a Mac compatible download available on their site and also now supports a browser based operation. The Beta testing is continuing at this time to allow even more players to be able to step to the plate and take part of the poker action on Party, but there are some drawbacks. At this time there isn't the capability to take part in the multi-table or sit and go tournaments that Party has, but cash games are available. The rollout of the tournament options is soon to come, PartyPoker staff state on their website. Additionally, some of the features that players enjoy about poker sites, such as taking notes on players, hand histories and other niceties, aren't yet available. There are also lag reports that come from Java based browsers (which Linux users go through) but those issues are being addressed.

To run the all-access version of PartyPoker, simply download the software. The access for Windows, Mac and Linux systems are all available, but to run the browser based versions, you have to have Windows IE 5 or better, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or better or Safari 1.3 or better. Java versions supported include Microsoft JVM, Sun JDK 1.4 or 1.5, IBM JDK or MRJ 2.2.5 for Mac users. While these are available, there could be some "bugs" as they are in a Beta mode. PartyPoker is encouraging participating players to comment on the performance of the software as well while in testing.

With the newest offerings, Party Poker (which is already an industry leader) is attempting to draw more players into the continuously expanding poker world. If you are running one of the systems that have previously been ignored by the online poker world, maybe a shot at PartyPoker could be worth your time!

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