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Popular Poker Blogger 'Iggy' Causes Stir, Switches Outlets

Popular Poker Blogger 'Iggy' Causes Stir, Switches Outlets 0001

Blogging has become a huge part of our culture. Blogs on all subjects have popped up all over the Internet in recent years, and some of these blogs have hundreds of thousands of readers a day. Arguably the most widely read blogger in the poker blog world is Iggy. This week, Iggy announced he was closing his longtime blog, called 'Guinness and Poker'. What he waited to tell the world is he was just moving destinations. Iggy's new blog is live, and the fans of the popular writer have breathed a huge sigh of relief. Here is our own Amy Calistri's take on Iggy, and his new home.

He wasn't the first and he isn't advanced in age, but Iggy, the blogger behind the popular poker blog Guinness and Poker, is known as the Blogfather. Since September 2003, Iggy has been launching his comprehensive and candid "uber" posts, navigating readers through poker's internet wit and wisdom.
Some people think Iggy is really a housewife. Some people are sure he's a dwarf. But every blogger knows that Iggy is the glue that somehow keeps an eclectic and diverse group of poker bloggers feeling like they're part of something bigger; a community and a shared passion.
When word spread throughout the blog collective that Iggy was closing up his domain, an internet-wide 'mourning' commenced. A fan posted a tribute to Iggy on YouTube. One blogger suggested that worker productivity across the United States would rise. Popular poker blogger "Al Can't Hang" had his blog become the de facto repository for the many requiems dedicated to Iggy.
Apparently the news of Iggy's death was greatly exaggerated. The Blogfather is not dead – he's just relocating to his new digs at And like Tom Sawyer, I'm guessing Iggy, in part, enjoyed being able to watch his own funeral.

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