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'Dr. Pauly' From The Aussie Millions - Final Table Time!

'Dr. Pauly' From The Aussie Millions - Final Table Time! 0001

Day 4 at the Aussie Millions Main Event would be one of the shortest days in the tournament as the remaining 14 players were scheduled to play down to the final 7. All eyes were focused on Jimmy 'Gobboboy' Fricke. Fans and players wanted to know if his rush was going to continue or if one of the big pros were going to catch him.

On the first hand of the day, Patrick Fletcher was eliminated. On a flop of Qc-10h-4h, Patrick Fletcher moved in with Qd-10c. Andy Black called with Kh-9h and had both a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. The 2h on the turn filled in a flush for Black. Flecther had outs on the river to boat up and missed. He busted out in 14th place.

Kristy Gazes took control of her table early. Jonas Buskas from Sweden raised from the little blind and Gazes re-raised 70K from the big blind. Buskas called. The flop was Ah-Qh-3c. Buskas checked and Gazes moved all in. Buskas sat and thought about what to do for four minutes, while Gazes stared at him the entire time while smiling. Buskas peeked at his cards and thought for another minute before he reluctantly mucked

A few hands later, Gazes raised 53K from the small blind and Julius Colman called. The flop was A-Q-10 and both players checked. The turn was a 9 and Gazes checked. Colman bet 100K and Gazes quickly called. The river was a King and Gazes checked again. Colman checked and gazes flipped over A-J for the Broadway straight. She checked the river in order to trap Colman. He mucked.

"She's just beating the hell put of that table," commented the Poker Shrink (a.k.a. Dr. Tim Lavalli) as she built her stack up to 1.4M.

Gazes and Buskas butted heads again. She raised preflop and he called. The flop was A-2-2. Both players checked. The turn was a 3. Buskas bet 45K and she called. The river was a 5. Buskas bet 100K and Gazes quickly called. She showed A-4 for the Wheel straight. Buskas showed 7-6o for the bluff.

Patrik Antonius busted out in 13th place by Gus Hansen. On a flop of As-Jh-9h, Hansen bets 500K. Antonius quickly moved all in, and Hansen called just as fast as he flipped over Js-Jc. Antonius showed Ah-8h and his top pair and nut flush draw trailed Hansen's set. The turn and river didn't help Antonius and he headed to the rail.

The 2006 WSOP runner-up Paul Wasicka finished in 12th place and won $120,000. Wasicka was all in preflop with A-10 against Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke called with K-J. Fricke flopped a Jack and it was all over for Wasicka.

Jonas Buskas busted out in 12th place when his Ad-Qd was dominated by Julius Colman's Ah-Kd. The student from Sweden won $120,000 in his first ever live tournament. He qualified for the Aussie Millions by winning an online satellite at Full Tilt.

Curly Seal busted out when Andy Black raised 75K from the button and Seal moved all in from the small blind. Seal had Q-J and Andy Black called with A-J. Thee flop was Ac-Qc-4c. Black was ahead with top pair and also had the Jc for a flush draw. The turn and river did not improve Seal's hand and he headed to the rail in 10th place winning $120,000.

Dennis Huntly was a shortstack and was warned that players are not allowed to stall. The TD issued him a light warning for his extensive use of time. He responded, "I am trying to win this tournament as quickly as possible, I really am."

A couple of hands later, Huntly said, "I reckon I did say I wanted to win this as fast as possible." Then he moved all in. Marc Karam pushed all in over the top with Ac-Ks against Huntly's Js-10h. Karam flopped two pair then rivered a boat to win the post and send Huntly to the rail in 9th place. He won $155,000.

The final eight players headed into the TV studio where they would play under the bright lights until one more player busted out. The action slowed down as only Jimmy Fricke and Andy Black were playing pots as everyone else folded, with the exception of a few steals from Gus Hansen.

Jakob Glassl busted out in 8th place. Fricke limped into the pot and Glassl moved allin with J-J. Fricke called with A-10 and flopped an Ace to send Glassl to the rail. The remaining seven players made the final table with Fricke as the chipleader.

Final Table Chip Counts:

Jimmy "Gobooboy" Fricke $5.175M

Gus Hansen $4.845M

Andrew Black $2.1M

Kristy Gazes $1.05M

Julius Colman $785K

Marc Karam $535K

Hans Martin Vogl $455K

Final Table Payouts:

1st Place: $1.5 million

2nd Place: $1 million

3rd Place: $700,000

4th Place: $500,000

5th Place: $400,000

6th Place: $300,000

7th Place: $220,000

Action resumes at 1 PM local time.

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