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Poker Re-categorized as 'Sport' in Russia

Poker Re-categorized as  'Sport' in Russia 0001

Editor's Note – As you, the reader may know – we have our news translated into 17 different languages every day. This is a translation of an article written by our Russian Language editor, Vitalij. If you want your poker news in another language, be sure to check out the drop down menu at the top right, and find your language of choice.

Russian poker players and fans are overjoyed with the news that poker is being accepted as a sport in that important nation. A recent decision by Russian Federation's 'Federal Agency of Physical Culture and Sports' has cleared the way for a new Russian poker boom. It's a long-awaited event for all gambling lovers: Poker tournaments have received the status of official sport competitions.

Dmitry Lesnoy, president of the Sport Federation of Russia, an organization created to promote poker's interests within Russia, testified on behalf of poker during the commission's hearings on the topic. Roughly translated, Lesnoy appealed that poker is an 'intellectual game' with widespread, mass-market interest. Lesnoy , an established Russian gaming writer, also organized a November 2006 conference of pro-gaming forces with representatives present from over 50 different Russian regions. This meeting of the 'Federation of Sports Poker' paved the way for the lobbying efforts supporting the game.

Lesnoy focused on the unique characteristics that define poker as a game of far more than luck: skills and tenacity, analytical constitution, and plenty of training. "It is so pleasant," commented Lesnoy , "that with the general background of persecution from the government towards gambling, the state still revealed wisdom and agreed with a factor, that poker can not belong to the category of gambling. It is a sport!"

Though not yet detailed in later reports, the Russian agency's decision is expected to exempt poker from the provisions of the four 'gambling zones' being created across Russia. Lesnoy hopes that his own federation will fill a strong supporting role in the growth of Russian poker. The organization's goals include the propagation and popularization of poker, the creation of ethical norms and standards, organization of poker tournaments by the sports principles, creating official player ratings, organizing poker schools and growing young talents, and searching for sponsors.

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