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Poker Room Review: Flamingo, Las Vegas

Poker Room Review: Flamingo, Las Vegas 0001

The poker room at the Flamingo is a very interesting place. With all of the competition around on this section of the Las Vegas Strip how do you carve out your portion of the poker crowd? I mean from the Flamingo you can easily walk to poker rooms in Treasure Island, Mirage, Caesar's Palace, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Imperial Palace, Harrah's and The Venetian. Yet day in and day out the room at the Flamingo has multiple tables in play. It would not be a stretch to say that the Flamingo is the busiest morning card room in Las Vegas.

There are eleven tables in the Flamingo, well laid out with lots of room to move around. The room itself is on the South end of the casino just inside the door from the Strip. The room is set-off a bit from the rest of the casino, well ventilated and well lighted. The room has a bar right next door; beverages arrive quickly and the cocktail waitresses do patrol the room on a regular basis.

The Flamingo is definitely a low-limit room with $2/$4 and $3/$6 tables in action as well as both $1/$2 and $1/$5 No Limit action. You will not find other games being spread at the Flamingo, this is a Hold'em room. The staff here are particularly knowledgeable, rules are enforced but they listen to any and all disputes and are particularly concerned with getting the call right and more than willing to explain any floor call to the players. Their skill extends to the tournaments, which run at 10 AM every morning and at 6 PM every evening except Friday and Saturday. As you might imagine the Flamingo has a very full room on weekend nights.

The 10 AM tournament is a $65 buy-in for 1500 chips. The rounds are only 20 minutes but this is probably the best (slowest) structure of any 20 minute level tournament in town. Signups start at 8 AM and since they limit the tournament to four tables, early registration is a good idea. The Sunday-Thursday 6PM tournament is the same price and the same structure; they do take and often get alternates for this one but since they start taking signups as soon as the 10 AM event is over, it's not hard to lock up your tournament seat early. You can sign up yourself and one poker buddy.

There are several "incentives" for playing at the Flamingo. High Hand Jackpots (Four of a Kind or better) run all day and are doubled between 4 AM and 8 AM. There is a $50 Aces Cracked bonus also between 4-8 AM. The Flamingo is also part of the Harrah's Mega Bad Beat Jackpot that began May 1st and has already drawn lots of player interest. The MBB is a multiple casino Jackpot including in Las Vegas: Paris, Harrah's, Flamingo, O'Sheas, Bally's and also Harrah's in Laughlin. The MBB starts at $50,000 and goes up each morning until it is won. The qualifying hand starts at Four 10's and goes down every week until it reaches Four 2's. The split is 30% to the losing bad beat hand, 20% to the winning hand and 50% divided among all other seated players in all six poker rooms in any Hold'em game.

Finally, the Flamingo has a weekly freeroll with a $750 prizepool for 15 hours of play in a week.

Flamingo Las Vegas

3555 Las Vegas Blvd S

Las Vegas, NV 89109

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