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PokerNews Launches Slovenian Web Site

PokerNews Launches Slovenian Web Site 0001

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Slovenian language web site. Slovenian PokerNews https://si.pokernews.com is just the latest on our growing list of international pages, as we continue to roll out web sites for poker fans around the world.

Regular PokerNews.com readers will already be fully aware of the extensive list of international language sites under the PokerNews umbrella. Now we're adding Slovenian PokerNews to cater for the growing interest in poker in this European country.

Slovenia borders hot beds of poker; Italy, Austria and Hungary as well as Croatia. Indeed, many players from these countries, especially Italy, travel across the border into Slovenia to play some of the popular European Ranking festivals.

Patrick Faust, manager of Slovenian PokerNews, said, "Although poker is not exactly new to Slovenia, it is increasingly popular. There are quite a few very good Slovenian poker players, especially for limit holdem, which has been played in Slovenia for ten years or more."

The live poker scene in Slovenia is known to many Europeans, Faust continued, "There are regular tournaments and cash games in addition to well-known poker festivals in two casinos, which also attract Italian, Austrian and Croatian players. There are also a couple of local clubs where you can play."

But poker news for on-line Slovenians has been thin on the ground until now. "Up until this day, there were no poker-related news or articles in the Slovenian language. We hope that the new Slovenian Poker News site will help the growing number of new players and provide useful information about tournaments and Slovenian poker happenings." concluded Faust.

Slovenian PokerNews can be found via our drop down "Other language / location" menu or by visiting https://si.pokernews.com/

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