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WSOP Updates - Event #12, $1,500 NLHE Six-Handed - Warner Captures Short-Handed Gold

WSOP Updates - Event #12, $1,500 NLHE Six-Handed - Warner Captures Short-Handed Gold 0001

Of the 1,427 players who started the event on Thursday, only six would have a shot at the World Series bracelet in the six-handed $1,500 No Limit Hold 'Em final (Event # 12). The final was held in the special Bluff Magazine 'tent,' hidden from general view, as this was one of the tournaments broadcast online at and subject to a short reporting delay. The start-of-day chip counts:

Seat 1: David Zeitlin, New York, NY — 899,000

Seat 2: Matt Brady, Upper Darby, PA — 381,000

Seat 3: Brian Miller, Atlanta, GA — 831,000

Seat 4: Steve Olex, Hollywood, FL — 484,000

Seat 5: Jason Warner, Vancouver, BC — 945,000

Seat 6: David Mitchell-Lolis, Las Vegas, NV — 736,000

Brian Miller was the first player eliminated in sixth place ($61,357), at the hands of the chip leader, Jason Warner. Warner claimed another victim when he sent Matt Brady in fifth place ($92,523). The two knockouts extended Warner's lead. Steve Olex then doubled through Warner and the players parried for a while before agreeing to a chop — exact figures unknown — while playing for the bracelet.

David Mitchell-Lolis, the shortest remaining stack, then went out of the event in fourth place. Shortly after, Olex chose an inopportune time to move in with a K-10 and ran into David Zeitlin's A-10. When the board blanked off, Olex was on the rail in third.

Zeitlin had moved well in front of Warner beginning heads-up play, but one hand changed it all. When Zeitlin got in with the best of it with pocket sevens, Warner could only muster pocket fives for the battle. The flop and turn changed nothing, but a five on the river rescued Warner, giving him a lead he would not relinquish.

Short-stacked, Zeitlin slow-played pocket aces, only to have Warner catch up on him after flopping a six to pair his hole card and turning another for trips. Down to virtually nothing, Zeitlin was forced all in with his Q-4 off. Warner held the leading hand with his {a-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} and stayed ahead on the flop. A {4-Hearts} turn gave Zeitlin a ray of hope, but an empty {6-Spades} hit the river, giving Jason Warner the WSOP bracelet in the $1,500 Short Handed Hold 'Em event and the first-place payday of $481,697. Warner, a 22-year-old hardware store employee from Surrey, British Columbia, had played in only one other WSOP event a few days earlier before his breakthrough victory.


1. Jason Warner — $481,697

2. David Zeitlin — $269,778

3. Steve Olex — $186,020

4. David Mitchell-Lolis — $123,689

5. Matt Brady — $92,523

6. Brian Miller — $61,357

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