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World Poker Association Releases Ethics Code

World Poker Association Releases Ethics Code 0001

The World Poker Association [WPA] has announced the release of an Ethics Code designed to create baseline standards for poker tournaments. Adherence to the code is mandatory both for admission into and continued membership in the WPA, with the five-section code detailing all aspects of professional poker behavior as envisioned by the WPA's members.

The five sections outlining professional behavior are in addition to an Ethics Compliance Pledge designed by the WPA's board, which both existing and prospective members must sign to remain in good standing with the WPA. The pledge reads as follows:

As a condition of admission and continued membership in the World Poker Association (WPA), I pledge to support and uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct in all aspects of poker competition and tournament activities, and hereby agree to comply with the WPA Code of Ethics as developed and periodically updated by the WPA and posted on its official website,

The five sections of the Code are broken down as follows:

• General Provisions

• Relationships Among Players

• Relationships Between Players and Dealers

• Player-Management Relationships

• External Relationships

Examples are a strict banning of collusion in any form at the tables, and general behavioral guidelines designed to improve the overall professionalism and respect of and for the game.

According to Wendeen Eolis, Vice Chair of the WPA and Chair of the Ethics Committee, "The Ethics Code is the cornerstone on which the WPA has established itself as a single, unified voice for millions in the commitment to professionalism in the worldwide poker community."

At last count, the WPA currently boasts 1,333 members.

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