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WCOOP – Event #4, $215 2-7 Triple Draw: 'Donald' Wins Deuce-to-Seven Title

WCOOP – Event #4, $215 2-7 Triple Draw: 'Donald' Wins Deuce-to-Seven Title 0001

PokerStars' World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Event #4 was yet another new event to the schedule this year, the $215 2-7 (deuce-to-seven) Triple Draw event. The tourney had a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000, but yet again it wasn't needed as the 649 entrants generated nearly $130,000 in prizes, easily topping the guarantee.

Many professional online players were in attendance, including 'RainKhAN,' 'THAY3R,' 'JohnnyBax,' 'PearlJammer,' and 'BeLoWaBoVe.' It only took two and a half hours of play for half of the field to be eliminated and just three hours more for 'McPeanut' to be eliminated in 85th as the bubble boy.

RaiNKhAN (a.k.a. Hevad Khan), who went deep at this year's World Series of Poker, found himself as one of the shorter stacks once the final two tables were reached. RaiNKhAN survived for quite awhile, and even rebuilt part of his chip stack, but ran into trouble when 'Donald' bet pre-draw and RaiNKhAN raised. Donald made the call and both players discarded two. RaiNKhAN led out after the first draw and Donald called. Both players again drew two cards and RaiNKhAN bet all-in for his remaining 3000. Donald called, then stood pat as RaiNKhAN drew two. RaiNKhAN was eliminated after he showed a 10-6-5-3-2 low while Donald showed a 9-8-5-3-2.

The final table was reached when 'plplaya,' the short stack, raised in early position pre-draw. 'GodlikeRoy' raised back, and the two players capped the betting. After both players drew two on their first draw, plplaya was all-in for his last 4,000. GodlikeRoy made the call and both players drew one. They both stood pat on the third draw and plplaya showed an 8-7 low while GodlikeRoy showed an 8-6, and plplaya was eliminated in seventh place. The final table consisted of GodlikeRoy, 'Omaha kid,' 'pstarfish,' Donald, 'GymZQuirk,' and 'polpolpol.'

After an hour of final-table play, Omaha kid raised from early position and was re-raised by GodlikeRoy from the small blind. Omaha kid made the call and GodlikeRoy drew one on the first draw while Omaha kid drew two. GodlikeRoy bet out and Omaha kid made the call. On the second draw, GodlikeRoy stood pat while Omaha kid drew two. GodlikeRoy bet and Omaha kid raised him, while GodlikeRoy just called. Both players stood pat on the third draw and GodlikeRoy bet out while Omaha kid raised him again. GodlikeRoy made the call and Omaha kid showed 7-6-4-3-2 while GodlikeRoy mucked. The hand shorted GodlikeRoy down to just a few thousand and after being all-in on the very hand turn, was the first eliminated from the table, in sixth place.

The next elimination came shortly afterward, when polpolpol raised from the small blind and pstarfish called from the big blind. Both players drew two cards on the first draw, and polpolpol led out with a bet and was called. On the second draw, both players drew just one card, and polpolpol put himself all-in for his remaining 14,000. pstarfish called, and both players drew one on the last draw. polpolpol showed 4-2-6-6-7 low for a pair of sixes while pstarfish showed 5-4-7-3-4 low for a winning pair of fours. polpolpol was eliminated in fifth place.

GymZQuirk was eliminated in fourth place when pstarfish bet from early position pre-draw, with GymZQuirk on the big blind with the blinds at 7,500/15,000. GymZQuirk made the call and drew two cards, while pstarfish stood pat. pstarfish bet, and GymZquirk called. On the second draw, GymZQuirk again drew two, while pstarfish stood pat and bet. GymZQuirk check-raised all-in and pstarfish quickly called. GymZQuirk drew one card on the third draw, and showed 7-6-4-2-6 for a pair of sixes low while pstarfish showed a pat 8-7-5-3-2.

After another 45 minutes of play, Omaha kid found himself in a big pot against both Donald and pstarfish. Donald bet pre-draw from the button and both pstarfish and Omaha kid called. On the first draw, Omaha kid drew two, while ptarfish drew three and Donald drew one. Everyone checked to Donald, who bet and was called again by both players. On the second draw, Omaha kid again drew two, while both pstarfish and Donald drew one. Again it was checked to Donald, who again bet and was called by all. On the third draw, both Omaha kid and pstarfish drew one, while Donald stood pat. Omaha kid led out the betting on this final round, and Donald raised. Pstarfish got out of the way, but Omaha kid made the call and showed 8-5-4-3-2 low while Donald showed 7-6-5-4-2. Omaha kid was crippled after the hand, and was eliminated three hands later when he was blinded all-in.

After being tied in chips for several hands, pstarfish took two big losses over two hands while Donald built up a seven-to-one chip lead. With the blinds at 10,000/20,000 and pstarfish with just under 900,000 in chips, nearly half of pstarfish's stack was lost in a 400,000 pot. pstarfish called a pre-draw raise from Donald and drew two cards on the first draw while Donald drew only one. pstarfish checked to Donald, who bet, then pstarfish check-raised and Donald called. On the second draw, pstarfish stood pat while Donald drew one. pstarfish bet out, and Donald called for the third draw. Donald drew one card, pstarfish bet out, and Donald raised him. pstarfish made the call, and mucked after seeing Donald's 8-6-4-3-2 low.

The rest of the money went in three hands later, with pstarfish raising from the small blind. Donald made the call and drew three cards on the first draw while pstarfish drew two. Donald checked to pstarfish, who bet out. Donald made the call, and on the second draw drew two while pstarfish drew only one. Donald bet out, putting pstarfish all-in and pstarfish called. Donald stood pat on the third draw, while pstarfish drew one again. pstarfish showed 5-4-3-2-A for a worthless straight while Donald won the hand with a 9-7-5-3-2 low, eliminating pstarfish in second place and winning Event #4.

Final Results:

1. Donald – $32,450

2. pstarfish – $18,821

3. Omaha kid – $12,006.50

4. GymZQuirk – $7,788

5. polpolpol – $4,867.50

6. GodlikeRoy – $3,245

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