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PokerNews Announces New Interactive Texas Hold'em Odds Calculator

PokerNews Announces New Interactive Texas Hold'em Odds Calculator 0001

If you're looking for an online odds calculator with a unique visual touch, PokerNews now has the interactive tool just for you. Available within our "Poker Rules" section is our new Texas hold'em poker odds calculator, a convenient method for determining when you've got the best of it… or when you don't.

While many sites offer interactive odds calculators, PokerNews' new tool includes a feature that players just becoming familiar with the concepts of outs and pot odds are sure to love. Not only are odds for the remainder of the hand presented for both you and your known opponents – both individually and collectively – but the same quick-select tool that helps the user rapidly set up up the hand also changes colors for each remaining card in the deck to show that card's relative favorability to you, the player, through the remainder of the hand. Remaining card symbols that turn bright green represent outs that you would need to make the hand that would put you into the lead or win you the hand; pink/dull-red cards don't improve your holdings but don't necessarily end your chances of winning; and cards that turn bright red are "death cards" that virtually end your chances of winning a specific hand. It's an important consideration in that while many players learn how to calculate their own outs, they often forget to evaluate those outs in the context of how an opponent's hand is likely to change or improve as well. The new PokerNews calculator, therefore, provides a greater sense of "game context" than those provided by our competitors.

Visitors to the page will note that it comes complete with help bubbles that experienced users can also wipe away with a single keystroke. Simply select the cards for yourself, your known opponents in the hand, close out the remaining players at the table, and begin the process of evaluating a given hand as it unfolds. Both the players' hole cards and the community cards are selected from the same visual representation of the deck, with each card needing only a single click to be entered. The table is set up for as many as ten players, but the odds are calculated based on how many hands are actually included, or will be seeing the flop or later action in a given. Simply close out any extra/unneeded players at the table before running each hand's calculations. Odds on making a specific hand – from one pair to a royal flush – are also automatically computed.

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