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'stan34powa' Wins PokerStars' Guinness World Record Tournament

'stan34powa' Wins PokerStars' Guinness World Record Tournament 0001

As anticipated, the attempt by leading online poker site PokerStars to break its own mark for most players in a tournament went off without a hitch on Sunday. Stars' "Guinness World Record Tourney" easily reached its 35,000-player cap, with the event now awaiting certification by Guinness officials some time in the next several weeks. Stan34powa outlasted 34,999 others to win the record-making event.

The 35,000 participants paid an $11+1 entry fee each, and Stars chipped in the remainder of the $500,000 prize fund. The turnout easily eclipsed the official record of 20,000 set in a Stars Sunday Hundred Grand on July 29, 2007. Sunday's tourney also saw a record 8,750 players make the money.

Some nine and a half hours after the tournament started, heads-up play found meiky777 with 67,786,946 in chips to stan34powa's 37,213,054, but stan34powa surged to win during the event's Level 52. The blinds and antes were at 1,250,000/2,500,000/312,500, when a limped pot brought out a flop of {8-Hearts}{3-Spades}{5-Spades}. Stan34powa checked to meiky777, who bet 2,500,000, but stan34powa raised it to 7,500,000. Wasting little time, meiky777 moved all in for for 31,198,892 with {a-Clubs}{k-Diamonds} and stan34powa called with a modest {8-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} for top pair. The {j-Spades} turn kept stan34powa ahead and the {7-Spades} river card brought the record-setting tournament to a close. The second-place finish earned meiky777 $20,000, while stan34powa's historic win was worth $30,000.

Final-table Results:

1. stan34powa - $30,000

2. meiky777 - $20,000

3. rumred14 - $15,000

4. Goldman007 - $10,000

5. Nekochan48 - $7,500

6. gustave44 - $5,000

7. n0ideahh - $3,500

8. alepolice - $2,500

9. ONE_TIMEE - $2,000

10. FuFish - $1,500


'stan34powa' Wins PokerStars' Guinness World Record Tournament 101


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