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Online Poker Recap: Shannon Shorr Notches Second January Win

Online Poker Recap: Shannon Shorr Notches Second January Win 0001

Shannon Shorr's hot run in the early days of 2009 continued Monday at Full Tilt. Shorr made it consecutive nights with major online wins by capturing the Full Tilt $1,000 Monday. The win followed Shorr's triumph in the Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan. Elsewhere, Puropoker123 captured the PokerStars Super Tuesday, capping another busy early week of online play. Here's how the Monday and Tuesday majors unfolded:

Full Tilt $1,000 Monday

The Full Tilt $1,000 Monday drew 405 entrants, creating a total prize pool of $405,000 with the winner receiving a six-figure payday of $101,250. Notables falling just shy of the final table included govshark2 in 10th place ($4,658), Brian "Bry23" Barrile in 11th ($4,657.50), Scott "stpauli111" Hall in 12th ($4,657.50), Dustin Dirksen in 15th place ($3,645), Dan "Wretchy" Martin in 17th ($2,835), Phil "USCphildo" Collins in 19th ($2,025), and Jason "TheMasterJ33" Dewitt in 25th ($2,025). Highlighting the final table was Shannon "BLUFFforRENT" Shorr, with the chip counts to start the final table as follows:

U_2Good4_Me - 494,205

Schienato - 415,683

Ray Ross - 247,515

Avril Sharapova - 214,068

Shannon "BLUFFforRENT" Shorr - 209,383

Shyam "S_Dot111" Srinivasan - 149,267

4XTRADER - 136,790

solohomer - 95,508

swedenfish72 - 62,581

The first to exit the final table was swedenfish72 at the 5,000/10,000/1,000 level. Under the gun, swedenfish72 shoved for 31,581 with {a-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} and found action from 4XTRADER in the cutoff with {9-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}. The board ran out {2-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{5-Spades}{5-Diamonds} and swedenfish72 was out in ninth place for $8,100. Avril Sharapova's tournament ended next after calling Shannon "BLUFFforRENT" Shorr's all-in button raise from the small blind with {a-Clubs}{10-Spades}. Shorr held {q-Clubs}{j-Diamonds} and won the hand when the board rolled out {7-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}. Avril Sharapova took home $10,125 for the eighth-place showing.

At 6,000/12,000/1,500, Shorr eliminated solohomer. From middle position solohomer raised all in for 74,016 with {9-Spades}{8-Hearts}, but Shorr woke up with {a-Hearts}{k-Spades} in the big blind. The board came {q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{k-Hearts}{7-Hearts} and and solohomer was sent packing in seventh place for $13,162.50. The 8,000/16,000/2,000 level brought two more eliminations. First was Ray Ross; he shoved from the button for 178,212 holding {k-Spades}{6-Hearts} and was called by Shannon Shorr in the big blind holding {a-Hearts}{3-Clubs}. The cards came {7-Clubs}{6-Spades}{7-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{a-Spades} and Ray Ross' tournament was over in sixth place for $20,250. Shyam "S_Dot111" Srinivasan was sent to the rail that level as well. Under the gun, Srinivasan raised to 96,000 and Shannon Shorr bet enough to set him all in. Srinivasan called for his last 12,767 with {10-Spades}{7-Spades}, but was up against Shorr's {a-Spades}{a-Hearts}. When the board ran out {4-Spades}{5-Clubs}{3-Spades}{2-Clubs}{2-Hearts}, Shyam "S_Dot111" Srinivasan was out in fifth place for $27,737.50.

4XTRADER was felted at 10,000/20,000/2,500. Under the gun, 4XTRADER shoved for 147,580 with {k-Spades}{q-Clubs} and found action from U_2Good4_Me, who held {j-Clubs}{j-Spades}. A third jack hit the flop and it would be enough to send 4XTRADER to the cashier in fourth place for $36,450. U_2Good4_Me's chips didn't last long, however. During the next level, Schienato opened to 61,000 on the button and U_2Good4_Me called out of the big blind, leading to a {q-Spades}{3-Clubs}{3-Spades} flop. U_2Good4_Me checked-raised all in for 353,592 with {k-Spades}{4-Spades}, but ran into Schienato's {q-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} for flopped trips . The turn and river came {10-Diamonds} and {9-Clubs} and U_2Good4_Me was out in third place for $46,575.

These were the chip counts to start heads-up play:

Schienato -1,314,708

Shannon "BLUFFforRENT" Shorr - 695,292

Shorr closed the gap, took the lead and went on to win the tournament. The final hand came on a limped pot that brought a {4-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{6-Hearts} flop. Both players checked and when the {3-Hearts} fell on the turn, the chips flew. Ultimately Schienato was all in with {8-Clubs}{4-Hearts}, but was drawing slim against Shorr's {3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}. The river was the {5-Spades}, missing Schienato's outs. Schienato finished in second place for $62,775, as Shannon "BLUFFforRENT" Shorr took down the Full Tilt Monday $1K for $101,250.

Final Results of Full Tilt $1K Monday:

1. Shannon "BLUFFforRENT" Shorr - $101,250

2. Schienato - $62,775

3. U_2Good4_Me - $46,575

4. 4XTRADER - $36,450

5. Shyam "S_Dot111" Srinivasan - $27,337.50

6. Ray Ross - $20,250

7. solohomer - $13,162.50

8. Avril Sharapova - $10,125

9. swedenfish72 - $8,100

PokerStars Super Tuesday

The PokerStars Super Tuesday attracted 402 players, with the winner scheduled to collect $78,390. Among the best finishers here were Matt "SamENole" Smith in 14th place ($4,824), Phil "USCphildo" Collins in 16th ($4,020), PeachyMer in 24th ($2,814), and Jeremiah "Believer82" Vinsant in 26th ($2,814). These were the chip counts to start the final table:

Puropoker123 - 276,739

David "WhooooKidd" Baker - 260,869

acescrack826 - 165,695

z52ways - 159,110

Nicholas "uncledrkmeat" Blumenthal - 91,583

kekec24 - 90,762

ddrufnek - 69,298

Dan "WiLDmAn75" Buzgon - 61,170

Tim "Calvin32" Sullivan - 30,104

Tim "Calvin32" Sullivan was sent to the rail first at the 1,500/3,000/300 level. Z52ways opened to 7,800 from early position and Sullivan moved his last 22,374 in chips all in from the small blind, backing {a-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}. Z52ways called with {q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds} and won when the board ran out {2-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{3-Spades}. Sullivan finished in ninth for $7,035. Ddrufnek busted next at the 2,000/4,000/400 level. After an open-raise to 12,000, ddrufnek was faced with a big decision when Dan "WiLDmAn75" Buzgon put in a covering re-raise from the big blind. Ddrufnek called all in for 30,348 with {a-Clubs}{4-Clubs} and trailed Buzgon's {a-Spades}{k-Spades}. The board ran out {2-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{3-Spades}{5-Spades}, leaving ddrufnek's straight second best to Buzgon's flush. Eighth place paid ddrufnek $10,050. Nicholas "uncledrkmeat" Blumenthal fell later in that level after he shoved for 51,043 with {a-Diamonds}{10-Spades}, but ran into Pupopoker123's {a-Spades}{k-Spades}. No ten found the table and Blumenthal was sent home in seventh place for $14,070.

The 3,000/6,000/600 level saw z52ways depart. Buzgon raised to 15,999 on the button and z52ways called out of the big blind. When the flop came {9-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}, z52ways check-raised Buzgon from 18,756 to 108,000, but Buzgon shoved with the bigger stack with {j-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} for top pair. Pot-committed, z52ways called with {10-Spades}{7-Diamonds} and would only pair the seven. Sixth place paid z52ways $18,090. Acescrack826 was eliminated at 4,000/8,000/800. Kekec24 made it 22,400 to play from the cutoff and acescrack826 shoved from the small blind for 138,816 with {k-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}. A quick call from kekec24 revealed {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds} and when the board ran out {4-Spades}{j-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}, acescrack826 was out in place for $23,115.

At 5,000/10,000/1,000, kekec24 headed to the rail in fourth place. On the button kekec24 made it 26,000 to play and Puropoker123 called from the big blind, leading to a {5-Spades}{3-Clubs}{2-Spades} flop. Puropoker123 led out 40,000 and kekec24 shoved for 382,644 with {a-Spades}{8-Spades}. Unfortunately for kekec24, Puropoker123 snap-called and tabled {k-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}. The turn and river were blanks as kekec24 finished in fourth place for $33,768. Dan "WiLDmAn75" Buzgon went out next when he ran {5-Clubs}{5-Hearts} into David "WhooooKidd" Baker's {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds}. The board rolled out {q-Hearts}{3-Spades}{8-Hearts}{4-Spades}{10-Spades} and when Buzgon was out in third for $44,220.

Heads-up play started with these chip counts:

Puropoker123 - 891,048

David "WhooooKidd" Baker - 313,952

The heads-up duel ended quickly. Puropoker123 took it down after min-rasing to 20,000. David Baker shoved for 234,952 with {q-Hearts}{10-Hearts} and Puropoker123 called with {a-Clubs}{3-Spades}. The board ran out {k-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{2-Spades}{9-Clubs}{3-Hearts} and David Baker was out in second place for $59,925, as puropoker123 won the Super Tuesday for $78,390.

Final Results:

1. Puropoker123 - $78,390

2. David "WhooooKidd" Baker - $59,925

3. Dan "WiLDmAn75" Buzgon - $44,220

4. kekec24 - $33,768

5. acescrack826 - $23,115

6. z52ways - $18,090

7. Nicholas "uncledrkmeat" Blumenthal - $14,070

8. ddrufnek - $10,050

9. Tim "Calvin32" Sullivan - $7,035

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