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Women's Poker Spotlight: Recent Newsmakers

Women's Poker Spotlight: Recent Newsmakers 0001

Southern Poker Ladies Championship

The Grand Ballroom of the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi hosted the Southern Poker Ladies Championship on January 10th. 205 women played in this year's event which was held in conjunction with the Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS). The LIPSTour is the largest poker tour catering to poker-playing women.

After two days of play, Renee Willis of Philadelphia, MS bested the field and collected $18,562 along with the custom-designed white gold and diamond bracelet presented by Tournament Director Eric Comer.

The top 18 paid out as follows:

Renee Willis -- $18,562

Debbie LaVigne -- $10,238

Hilry Shirey -- $5,626

Paula Halata -- $4,500

Donna Murray -- $3,375

Vicki Campbell -- $2,813

Phyllis Blanton -- $2,250

Kristen Deardorff -- $1,688

Lindsey Spence -- $1,125

Tracy Smith -- $788

Donna Blevins -- $788

Victoria Fielding — $788

Ashleigh Keelen -- $675

Angela Hilton -- $675

Rhonda Palassie -- $675

Ramona McNeely -- $563

Geri Bowen -- $563

Julia Ritt -- $563

Southern Poker Championship

The ladies event of the Southern Poker Championship was not the only tournament that saw the women shine. About six percent of the 283 field of the $10,000 buy in Main Event were women. By the end of Day One, Esther Taylor and Jacquelyn Scott held the largest chip stacks, though each busted out on Day Two. Meanwhile, professional player Vanessa "Lady Maverick" Rousso and local player Jena Delk both held on for the long haul.

Jena Delk, a CPA from Merritt Island, FL rocketed to fourth in chips on Day Two of the event when her all-in with pocket aces bested her opponent's pocket queens on a blank board. Delk fought to the proverbial bitter end in an action-packed hand. Delk, on the button, raised with {a-Hearts}{3-Hearts} and was re-raised all in by the big blind, Tony Cousineau, who showed pocket eights. The flop was kind to Delk, coming A-9-9 and giving her two pair and the lead. The turn was of no consequence and Delk was in great shape, but the river was an eight to give Cousineau a full house. Delk cashed for $26,732, her largest payday to date.

Rousso held pace through most of the tournament, never running far ahead of the pack but never falling behind. Finally, all in with A-K, she lost a race against pocket tens. Rousso bubbled the TV table in 11th place and cashed for $79,117.

EPT PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure

Pro player Kathy Liebert placed tenth in the EPT PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure held in Nassau, Bahamas. Liebert cashed for $120,000 in the $10,000 buy-in Main Event which adds to her lifetime total of over $4 million in winnings.

Liya Gerasimova of Moscow, Russia earned her fourth tournament cash in the $25,000 buy-in of the EPT series. Gerasimova finished fourth in the event for over $90,000.

Euro Finals of Poker Ladies-Only Event

Sylvie Guercio of France claimed her first title (and first cash) in the $200 EURO Ladies Event at the recent Euro Finals of Poker Ladies Only Event. The January 9th tournament drew 36 entrants for a prize pool of €6,480.

The payouts were as follows:

Sylvie Guercio -- €2,915

Anna Yamschikova — €1,620

Christelle Cherubini — €970

Marion Nedellec — €650

Ayesha Carmody — €325

Aussie Millions

The 2009 Crown Aussie Millions Championship, of course, is well underway. Event #7, the AUD $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty tourney, saw yet another woman compete and ultimately cash in a high-profile event. Liv Boeree, pro player and TV presenter, was a featured bounty but it took almost the whole field to finally pin her down. All in with A-Q, the fates gave her nothing to work with against her opponent's pocket nines, knocking her out in seventh place.

Every day women are proving that not only do we belong on the felt but we can own it!

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