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Everest Poker ONE Freeroll Today - Check Here for the Password

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Our exclusive "CheapRoll" tournament series on Everest Poker will award 49 seats to a $9,000 Freeroll to win a Everest Poker ONE Package in Monte Carlo - Exclusive events run March 14th through 23rd". The only place to get the password is our Everest Poker Review Page or by Following PokerNews Pulse on Twitter.

Everest Poker is hosting one of the biggest events of the year at the luxurious Salle des Palmiers at the Sporting Monte-Carlo. The Everest Poker ONE takes place between April 21-24, has a €5,000+€300 buy-in and a €1,000,000 Guarantee. It promises to be one of the highest profile tournaments you will find anywhere in Europe and only the highest rollers are likely to play.

But at PokerNews we are giving you seven shots at getting there for less than $2.50.

Download Everest Poker

$9,000 High Roller Package

The Everest Poker One Challenge is a series of freerolls and micro stakes tournaments taking place between March 14 and 20. In each tournament a specified number of seats will be available to win, which gets you into our $10,000 Finale on March 23 – The Winner of which gets a $9,000 Everest Poker One Package* and the next eight players all get a $109 Tournament Token to the Everest $50,000 Guaranteed Tournament.

The Winners Package includes:

  • $6,500 + 400 – Event Buy-in
  • $650 – Airfare
  • $1,450 – VIP Accommodations: Four nights at the luxurious Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, Shuttle and Dinners

This really is the easiest way of winning a live event package you'll find. Normally when you enter a micro stakes satellite you have to win 4 or 5 more similar tournaments in a row to get to the satellite final, but here you only have to place in one of our seven micro stakes and freeroll tournaments and that’s it – you are in our $10,000 Final playing for the package.

Everest Poker ONE Challenge Schedule

14-Mar19:00 Freeroll+$100 4 Seats  
15-Mar19:00 $1+$0.10 6 Seats  
16-Mar19:00 $2+$0.20 9 Seats  
17-Mar19:00 $1+$0.10 6 Seats  
18-Mar19:00 $2+$0.20 9 Seats  
19-Mar16:00 $1+$0.10 6 Seats  
20-Mar16:00 $2+$0.20 9 Seats  
23-Mar19:00 Finale    

14-Mar Password


15-Mar Password


16-Mar Password


17-Mar Password


18-Mar Password


19-Mar Password


20-Mar Password


To qualify for this exclusive series, you need to download Everest Poker, make a minimum deposit of $5 (However $10 is enough for buy-ins to all the tournaments in the series) and use each tournaments password, which will be released on our Everest Review Page four hours before the tournament, you can also get it by Following PokerNews Pulse on Twitter. This freeroll is open to all Everest Poker Players, regardless of whether they signed up via PokerNews or not. However if you are new to Everest Poker, it’s in your interest to sign up to Everest via PokerNews so you can play in future exclusive freerolls we have with them.

This truly is the easiest way to take a $10 deposit and turn it into a $9,000 High Roller Package to one of the biggest tournaments of the year. You will kick yourself if you miss out on the Everest Poker One join Everest Poker today.

Check Out Our Everest Poker Review

*Package is Non Transferrable.

If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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