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The PartyPoker Weekly: Tony G Caption Competition + WSOP Qualifying Tips

Hellmuth Clinton

This week in the PartyPoker Weekly, information on caption competitions with Tony G, how you can win a World Series of Poker package, and of course how you can get the greatest bonus in online poker with PokerNews.

Another Tony G Caption Competition

Always first in the queue to make fun of Phil Hellmuth, Tony G is back with his caption competition this week. Once again, he is offering $50 for the best caption for this picture, Hellmuth's second with a former President, after being snapped with George Bush earlier this year.

“Here he is with William Jefferson Clinton, ex Rhodes Scholar and the purveyor of the finest cigars since Hannibal in the A Team. Phil – when are we going to get the Obama pictures?

Tony is also getting excited about the PartyPoker Big Game V at Dusk Till Dawn in the U.K. next month, once again turning it into a competition.

“I offer the floor to ideas on what my walk-on record for the Big Game should be. Last year it was Bicycle Song by Queen. I made my entrance to the table to the strains of Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May et all. $50 goes to the best suggestion for this year. What record should I enter the Big Game too?”

Play along at the PartyPoker Blog.

5 Tips on Qualifying for the WSOP

Main Event satellites are under way at PartyPoker and this week we got some tips from Essam Ali, winner of the WSOP For Life package last year:

The Best Bonus in Online Poker

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The PartyPoker Weekly: Tony G Caption Competition + WSOP Qualifying Tips 101

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