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$25,000 William Hill Wanted Starts Soon - Are You A Bounty?

$25,000 William Hill Wanted Starts Soon - Are You A Bounty? 0001

Download William Hill Poker and earn 600 WH points between July 1 and August 15 to qualify for the $25,000 bounty tournament on August 21 at 1900 GMT.

The colossal William Hill Wanted is just around the corner and there is still plenty of time to qualify. To remind you, this is going to be one of the best freerolls of the year, and it is exclusive to PokerNews. It features a $25,000 prize pool, including $5,000 in bounties on the heads of PokerNews players. It also features a championship style structure, with a 10,000 starting stack and blinds beginning at 25/50.

The first PokerNews players from each of our regions to qualify will also have a $200 bounty on their head. If you bust them, the money is yours, but if they make it into the money, they claim their own bounty.

So far, the following players have been nominated bounties – so make sure you look out for them at the tables:


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Qualify Only at PokerNews

The $25,000 Wanted Freeroll on William Hill Poker takes place on August 21 at 1900 GMT. To play in this freeroll, you need to download William Hill Poker through PokerNews and earn 600 WH points between July 1 (0000 GMT) and August 15 (2359 GMT). Existing William Hill referred PokerNews players are also welcome to participate.

,000 William Hill Wanted Starts Soon - Are You A Bounty? 101

The first player to earn 600 WH points from each PokerNews region to qualify will also get a $200 bounty on his or her head. If that winning player makes it into the money, the bounty period expires and that player will win the $200 instead.

Please note you will be automatically entered into the tournament by William Hill Poker, you cannot register manually.

So download William Hill Poker now and get ready to play in the best freeroll of the summer. Don’t forget that William Hill Poker also has one of the biggest bonuses possible on the iPoker network - 200% up to $2,000 when you use bonus code "NEWSCOM.”

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