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  • With two draws a week, hitting EuroMillion's €190 million jackpot is not as hard as you think.

If you enjoy winning money, and you enjoy having chances to win more of it than ever before, you ought to be entering lotteries.

There are loads of great draws you can take part in, and did you know that you can pick winning balls in a variety of European countries' games? Allow us to take you on a journey through some of the great offers available NOW on IceLotto.

You might have heard of EuroMillions - it's Europe's most popular lottery, with enormous jackpots that have changed the lives of countless people. If you've ever dreamed of flying around the world, or taking that Caribbean cruise, or paying off your mortgage, or anything beyond your current budget, this is the way to get there, and fast.

With draws twice a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays - and a jackpot cap of €190 million, EuroMillions is a fast, fun and efficient way to play a lottery, and can net you a great return. You might be thinking that poker, as a game of skill, should be where your money goes, but you're ignoring the fact that, in a lottery draw like EuroMillions, you can put a relatively small stake in, and potentially get a landslide of cash back.

It's so simple to take part. EuroMillions. And you know the best thing? To enter this, or any of the other featured contests on, you can be in a multitude of countries - this isn't some walled garden, and that's of benefit to you.

The lottery draws on are massive jackpots entered by tens of millions of people, and if you look around, the figures get startling. If you want to get involved in a lottery with a truly stunning jackpot, take a look at Spain's Loteria del Nino, which promises a potential win of €560,000,000.

That's more than the budget of pretty much every football club. Heck, it's more than the Gross National Product of some small nations. Enter now, and you never know... it could be you. To win the prize, you've got to buy the ticket.

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