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Six Reasons Why the PokerNews Cup is the Best Tournament In Europe

PokerNews Cup
  • Looking for a reason to head to the 2017 PokerNews Cup? Here are six of them.

The PokerNews Cup is celebrating its 11th birthday this year, and while we may be a little biased in our opinion of this great tournament, we believe that the PokerNews Cup is the best tournament in Europe. Bear with us while we give you six reasons why this is the case.

Firstly, there is a €255,000 guaranteed prize pool despite the fact the tournament only costs €250 to enter, or even less if you manage to win your way in via one of the satellites running at TonyBet Poker. Such a significant prize pool for an affordable buy-in attracts an eclectic mix of recreational and professional poker players alike, which leads to a fantastic atmosphere and gives you the opportunity to put your skills to the test.

If the PokerNews Cup Main Event doesn’t go to plan, you don’t have to head to the airport right away because there are 11 different tournaments to get your teeth into. Check out the table below:

Wed, 16.08. 20:00 PokerNews Cup Opening NLH 8.000€ 70€ 10€ 15.000 2x Re-entry 30/20
Thu, 17.08. 17:00 Mega Satellite to ME 1a 10 Seats 40€ 5€ 5.000 Unltd Reentry 15
Thu, 17.08. 19:00 PokerNews Cup Main Event Day 1a 200.000€ 225€ 25€ 30.000 yes 30
Fri, 18.08. 12:00 PokerNews Deepstack Noon Turbo - 50€ 10€ 30.000 no 15
Fri, 18.08. 15:00 Turbo Satellite to ME 1b 10 Seats 40€ 5€ 5.000 Unltd Reentry 10
Fri, 18.08. 17:00 PokerNews Cup Main Event Day 1b 200.000€ 225€ 25€ 30.000 yes 30
Fri, 18.08. 20:00 King's Friday Adventure Challenge 15.000€ 90€ 10€ 20.000 2x Re-entry 30/20
Sat, 19.08. 11:00 Turbo Satellite to ME 1c 10 Seats 40€ 5€ 5.000 Unltd Reentry 10
Sat, 19.08. 13:00 PokerNews Cup Main Event Day 1c 200.000€ 225€ 25€ 30.000 yes 30
Sat, 19.08. 15:00 PokerNews Pot Limit Omaha 1x Rebuy 5.000€ 100€ 10€ 10k/10k 50€ Rebuy 25
Sat, 19.08. 17:00 PokerNews Cup Main Event Day 1d 200.000€ 225€ 25€ 30.000 yes 30
Sat, 19.08. 19:00 King's Local Championship 20.000€ 90€ 10€ 20.000 2x Re-entry 30/20
Sun, 20.08. 13:00 PokerNews Cup Main Event Day 2 200.000€ - - - - 45
Sun, 20.08. 15:00 TonyBet OFC Progressive Pineapple 5.000€ 200€ 30€ yes
Sun, 20.08. 17:00 NLH Holdem 7.000 € GTD 7.000€ 65€ 10€ 15.000 2x Re-entry 20
Mon, 21.08. TBA PokerNews Cup Main Event Final Day 200.000€ - - - - 60

If busting from the PokerNews Cup or one of the 11 tournaments on offer makes you want to shy away from MTTs, you can always get your poker fix from the non-stop cash games. The cash games at King’s Casino are renowned all over the world, and with stakes available from low buy-ins right up to nosebleed stakes, you’ll find your level that you're comfortable with.

All of this action takes place in what is the largest poker room in Europe, which gives you the full-on Las Vegas experience without the need to travel halfway around the world to be part of it. You’ll instantly fall in love with your lavish surroundings and the chirping of riffling chips when the room is full is something that will stay with you.

Away from the tables, you can tantalize your taste buds at the free — yes, free — all-you-can-eat buffet. You may think that the food will be poor quality if it is free, but the chefs and cooks at King’s Casino pride themselves on using the best ingredients and they use them to knock up some tasty dishes.

Finally, you can wash down your free buffet with the open bar. While we wouldn’t suggest drinking alcohol while playing in the PokerNews Cup because it could impair your judgement, others will almost certainly taking advantage of the open bar during play so your task of winning the 11th PokerNews Cup could be made a little easier by them.

PokerNews is heading to Rozvadov for the 2017 PokerNews Cup. Will you be joining us?

Be sure to complete your PokerNews experience by checking out an overview of our mobile and tablet apps here. Stay on top of the poker world from your phone with our mobile iOS and Android app, or fire up our iPad app on your tablet. You can also update your own chip counts from poker tournaments around the world with MyStack on both Android and iOS.

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