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Global Poker Introduces New Leaderboards

Global Poker
  • Basedcam won the first Weekend Gold Coin Leaderboard at Global Poker. Will you win this week?

Global Poker is already one of the most generous online poker sites thanks to it being willing to have overlays on most of its major tournaments, but now there are even more reasons to get your grind on at Global Poker because leaderboards have come to the site.

The Weekend Gold Coin Leaderboard is here and if past promotions are anything to base our judgement on, they are here to stay. The leaderboard awards SC$1,000 across the top five finishers and accumulates points from the eight Gold Coin Challenges held across the weekend.

Everyone who plays at Global Poker is well aware of these Gold Coin Challenges as they award almost SC$20,000 every week and have overlaid every single week since their creation. Instead of cutting back on the guarantees, Global Poker is adding another SC$1,000 to ensure its players are receiving the most value possible from their play.

In other news, last week saw the first Weekend Gold Coin Challenge take place and the player known as “Basedcam” is the one who emerged as a champion. Basedcam won the SC$1,000 guaranteed rebuy for SC$335, came second in the SC$2,500 guaranteed 1R1A for SC$466 and reached the final table of the SC$10,000 guaranteed 1R1A where he finished seventh for an additional SC$384.

Thanks to these cashes and the SC$500 Basedcam won for topping the leaderboard, he walked away with a cool SC$1,686 for a couple of days’ work, if you can call playing poker from the comfort of your home work.

If you think you can better Basedcam’s excellent performances this weekend, why not head to Global Poker via PokerNews? Those of you who do so will be given $2 free Sweeps Cash and 10,000 Gold Coins to play with. All you need to do then is play you’re A-game all weekend and if your results are good enough, you’ll follow in Basedcam’s footsteps and be a Global Poker champion.

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