Global Poker Announces Anxiously Awaited Grizzly Games Schedule

Gear Up for Global Poker's 2017 Grizzly Games Starting Jan. 15 0001

After an extremely successful inaugural championship series called the Eagle Cup back in October where more than SC$1.5 million was awarded, The Global Poker Championships is back at Global Poker starting on Jan. 15 with the bigger and better Grizzly Games.

The 2017 Grizzly Games offers even more championship events for Global Poker players with 200 $weeps Cash tournaments to choose from. Once again, event winners will receive an awesome trophy delivered right to their doors. In addition to 200 trophies to be given away, at least $1.5 million in cash prizes will be distributed throughout the series.

In typical Global Poker style, the series gets a boost before it even starts with the Opening Event SC$5,000 Freeroll on Jan. 14 at 3:00 p.m. ET. Registration for the event is already open to all GP players.

Champions Packs and Hometown Heroes

Many successful promotions from the Eagle Cup will be found again in the Grizzly Games including Champions Packs with a Champions Avatar, hats, t-shirts and other prizes for all winners of Gold Coin or Sweeps Cash Championship Events. In addition, the Hometown Heroes promotion is back after drawing hundreds of entries during the Eagle Cup.

All players who receive a Champions Pack for winning a tournament or the series leaderboard are eligible to participate in Hometown Heroes. These players have the unique opportunity to get their hands on free $weeps simply for sharing some Global Poker love via one of the site’s social media channels. The options are as follows, and players can complete more than one for some extra cash.

  • SC$20 for sharing a photo of you wearing your Global Poker Gear in front of a Civic Building in your home town (i.e. Town Hall, Court House, Council Chamber)
  • SC$20 for sharing a photo of you wearing your Global Poker Gear in front of the ‘Welcome To’ sign for your home town
  • SC$20 for sharing a photo of you at your local casino/card room wearing Global Poker Gear
  • SC$100 for a 10 second video of you in a local poker tournament wearing your Global Poker gear with the player next to you saying “I love Global Poker”
  • SC$1,000 for winning a tournament wearing Global Poker gear and sharing the winners photo with us (Result must be listed on Hendon Mob)

Grizzly Games Leaderboard

Once again, Global Poker is offering a series leaderboard and the player who accumulates the most points during the Grizzly Games will have the chance to represent Global Poker in a live tournament of their choosing with the help of a $5,000 package that includes $3,500 in tournament buy-ins and $1,500 in flight and accommodations.

Nathan ‘Penta’ Blair emerged victorious in the Eagle Cup Leaderboard and opted to use his prize package to compete in the WSOP Circuit Event in Cherokee, N.C. In the Main Event, Blair finished 34th out of 957 entrants, turning his freeroll from Global Poker into a payday of $5,627. Could you be next?

Guarantees Fit For a Grizzly

In addition to 127.5 million in Gold Coin guarantees in the Gold Coin series events, over $1.5 million in Sweeps Cash prizes will be won during the Grizzly Games. For the Sweeps events, players can choose between Low, Medium and High buy-in versions of each tournament.

Global Poker is upping the stakes this time around with the introduction of SC$218 buy-in tournaments for those who want to play a little bigger and the series culminates with the $218 buy-in Main Event on Sunday, Feb. 11 that boasts a massive SC$50,000 guarantee.

Global Poker is also bringing back the Monster Challenge SC$10,000 Guaranteed which will run on Feb. 11 at 3:00 p.m. before the Main Events kick off. To unlock the $0.11 entry, players just have to see 2,000 flops in any ring game between Jan. 15 and Feb. 11. Players can also find added value in the Opening Event Freeroll on Jan. 14 and another freeroll on Jan. 28, both putting up a SC$5,000 prize pool for absolutely free.

2017 Grizzly Games Sweeps Cash Schedule

DateTime (ET)EventBuy-in ($weeps)
Jan. 143:00 PMGPC Grizzly Games: Opening Event $5,000 FREEROLL$0
Jan. 158:45 PMGPC Grizzly 01-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 01-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed$33
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 01-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed$110
Jan. 168:45 PMGPC Grizzly 02-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, Turbo]$3.30
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 02-M: NLHE $4,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, Turbo]$11
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 02-H: NLHE $6,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, Turbo]$22
Jan. 178:45 PMGPC Grizzly 03-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [Big Ante]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 03-M: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Big Ante]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 03-H: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [Big Ante]$33
Jan. 188:45 PMGPC Grizzly 04-L: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [2R1A, 4-Max]$5.50
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 04-M: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [2R1A, 4-Max]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 04-H: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [2R1A, 4-Max]$55
Jan. 198:45 PMGPC Grizzly 05-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Turbo, 6-Max]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 05-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed [Turbo, 6-Max]$33
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 05-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Turbo, 6-Max]$110
Jan. 203:15 PMGPC Grizzly 06-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$5.50
 3:45 PMGPC Grizzly 06-M: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$11
 4:15 PMGPC Grizzly 06-H: NLHE $4,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]$33
 8:45 PMGPC Grizzly 07-L: FLHE $1,500 Guaranteed$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 07-M: FLHE $2,000 Guaranteed$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 07-H: FLHE $2,500 Guaranteed$33
Jan. 213:15 PMGPC Grizzly 08-L: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$22
 3:45 PMGPC Grizzly 08-M: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [Deep]$55
 4:15 PMGPC Grizzly 08-H: NLHE $25,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$218
 5:15 PMGPC Grizzly 09-L: PLO $1,500 Guaranteed [6-Max]$11
 5:45 PMGPC Grizzly 09-M: PLO $2,000 Guaranteed [6-Max]$22
 6:15 PMGPC Grizzly 09-H: PLO $3,000 Guaranteed [6-Max]$55
 8:45 PMGPC Grizzly 10-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, Turbo]$5.50
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 10-M: NLHE $3,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, Turbo]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 10-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [1R1A, Turbo]$55
Jan. 228:45 PMGPC Grizzly 11-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [1R1A, 4-Max]$5.50
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 11-M: NLHE $4,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 4-Max]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 11-H: NLHE $6,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 4-Max]$55
Jan. 238:45 PMGPC Grizzly 12-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [6-Max]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 12-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed [6-Max]$33
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 12-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [6-Max]$110
Jan. 248:45 PMGPC Grizzly 13-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [2R1A, Turbo]$5.50
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 13-M: NLHE $4,000 Guaranteed [2R1A, Turbo]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 13-H: NLHE $6,000 Guaranteed [2R1A, Turbo]$55
Jan. 258:45 PMGPC Grizzly 14-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [2x Chance]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 14-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed [2x Chance]$33
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 14-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [2x Chance]$110
Jan. 268:45 PMGPC Grizzly 15-L: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 4-Max]$3.30
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 15-M: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 4-Max]$11
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 15-H: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 4-Max]$22
Jan. 273:15 PMGPC Grizzly 16-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$5.50
 3:45 PMGPC Grizzly 16-M: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$11
 4:15 PMGPC Grizzly 16-H: NLHE $4,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]$33
 8:45 PMGPC Grizzly 17-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [Ante Up]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 17-M: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Ante Up]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 17-H: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [Ante Up]$33
Jan. 283:00 PMGPC Grizzly Games: $5,000 FREEROLL$0
 3:15 PMGPC Grizzly 18-L: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$22
 3:45 PMGPC Grizzly 18-M: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [Deep]$55
 4:15 PMGPC Grizzly 18-H: NLHE $25,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$218
 5:15 PMGPC Grizzly 19-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [4-Max]$11
 5:45 PMGPC Grizzly 19-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed [4-Max]$33
 6:15 PMGPC Grizzly 19-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [4-Max]$110
 8:45 PMGPC Grizzly 20-L: PLO $1,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max]$3.30
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 20-M: PLO $2,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max]$11
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 20-H: PLO $3,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max]$22
Jan. 298:45 PMGPC Grizzly 21-L: FLHE $1,500 Guaranteed$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 21-M: FLHE $2,000 Guaranteed$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 21-H: FLHE $2,500 Guaranteed$33
Jan. 308:45 PMGPC Grizzly 22-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]$5.50
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 22-M: NLHE $4,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 22-H: NLHE $6,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]$55
Jan. 318:45 PMGPC Grizzly 23-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Turbo, 4-Max]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 23-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed [Turbo, 4-Max]$33
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 23-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Turbo, 4-Max]$110
Feb. 18:45 PMGPC Grizzly 24-L: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy]$3.30
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 24-M: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy]$11
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 24-H: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy]$22
Feb. 28:45 PMGPC Grizzly 25-L: PLO $1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]$5.50
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 25-M: PLO $2,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]$11
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 25-H: PLO $3,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]$33
Feb. 33:15 PMGPC Grizzly 26-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$5.50
 3:45 PMGPC Grizzly 26-M: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$11
 4:15 PMGPC Grizzly 26-H: NLHE $4,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]$33
 8:45 PMGPC Grizzly 27-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [Big Ante]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 27-M: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Big Ante]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 27-H: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [Big Ante]$33
Feb. 43:15 PMGPC Grizzly 28-L: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$22
 3:45 PMGPC Grizzly 28-M: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [Deep]$55
 4:15 PMGPC Grizzly 28-H: NLHE $25,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$218
 5:15 PMGPC Grizzly 29-L: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [2R1A]$5.50
 5:45 PMGPC Grizzly 29-M: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [2R1A]$22
 6:15 PMGPC Grizzly 29-H: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [2R1A]$55
 8:45 PMGPC Grizzly 30-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Turbo]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 30-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed [Turbo]$33
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 30-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Turbo]$110
Feb. 58:45 PMGPC Grizzly 31-L: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [2R1A, 6-Max]$5.50
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 31-M: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [2R1A, 6-Max]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 31-H: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [2R1A, 6-Max]$55
Feb. 68:45 PMGPC Grizzly 32-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [Ante Up]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 32-M: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Ante Up]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 32-H: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [Ante Up]$33
Feb. 78:45 PMGPC Grizzly 33-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]$5.50
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 33-M: NLHE $4,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 33-H: NLHE $6,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$55
Feb. 88:45 PMGPC Grizzly 34-L: PLO $1,500 Guaranteed [6-Max]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 34-M: PLO $2,000 Guaranteed [6-Max]$22
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 34-H: PLO $3,000 Guaranteed [6-Max]$55
Feb. 98:45 PMGPC Grizzly 35-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [2x Chance, 6-Max]$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 35-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed [2x Chance, 6-Max]$33
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 35-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [2x Chance, 6-Max]$110
Feb. 103:15 PMGPC Grizzly 36-L: NLHE $1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$5.50
 3:45 PMGPC Grizzly 36-M: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [1R1A]$11
 4:15 PMGPC Grizzly 36-H: NLHE $4,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]$33
 8:45 PMGPC Grizzly 37-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed$11
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 37-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed$33
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 37-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed$110
Feb. 113:00 PMGPC Grizzly Games: Monster Challenge $10,000 Guaranteed¹$0.11
 3:15 PMGPC Grizzly 38-L: NLHE Main Event $10,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$22
 3:45 PMGPC Grizzly 38-M: NLHE Main Event $15,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$55
 4:15 PMGPC Grizzly 38-H: NLHE Main Event $50,000 Guaranteed [Deep]$218
 5:15 PMGPC Grizzly 39-L: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]$11
 5:45 PMGPC Grizzly 39-M: NLHE $3,000 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]$33
 6:15 PMGPC Grizzly 39-H: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]$110
 8:45 PMGPC Grizzly 40-L: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max]$3.30
 9:00 PMGPC Grizzly 40-M: NLHE $5,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max]$11
 9:15 PMGPC Grizzly 40-H: NLHE $7,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max]$22

Sign Up and Hit the Tables

If you have yet to experience all that Global Poker has to offer, head on over to the site and check it out today. Use these tips to get started, use PayPal to deposit and you could be clawing your way into the Grizzly Games in no time.

  • Get your hands on some of the SC$1.5 million in guarantees during the Grizzly Games at Global Poker

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