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Andrew Neeme Answers Questions in Reddit AMA

Andrew Neeme
  • .@andrewneeme did a Reddit AMA to discuss his future in vlogging and poker and how to balance poker with personal life.

Andrew Neeme is having a pretty great year. He recently earned the honor of Video Blogger of the Year and People's Choice Award for Poker Personality of the Year at the American Poker Awards, took some time off to do an insane trip around South Africa, and broke 80,000 subscribers on YouTube.

This weekend, he gave his followers a different sort of glimpse into his mind by doing an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on Reddit.

The poker subreddit thread was full of questions that, together with Neeme, created an interesting discussion about Neeme's future plans for poker, how to balance poker with personal life, the future of live and online poker and some other curiosities.

Neeme dedicated a lot of time to talk about the importance of building a personal brand and the disadvantages of maintaining a career with such a non-standard job like "YouTuber" or "Video Game Streamer".

"It's difficult to perceive the longer-term when you're working on a project like this," he wrote.

"It's difficult to perceive the longer-term when you're working on a project like this."

He explained that his plans are to continue "studying poker, while still generating content for the YouTube channel."

Hand reviews have been the big majority of Neeme's studying over the years, as he thinks it is super important to network with his fellow winning poker players "so that you can help each other out."

But, of course, Neeme finds that it is also important to "keep improving in editing, keep being creative, keep listening to what people want to know about poker and Las Vegas and the poker lifestyle, and turn that into vlogs," as he enjoys the creation process "from start to finish," although "getting started when you know you have 8-12 hours of editing ahead of you is daunting."

Making vlogs is a very time-consuming task, and Neeme is reducing the time going to bars with his friends and devoting his free time into his relationship with his fiancè Busi. The couple always take Tuesdays off as a date night since "that's the slowest night in Vegas," and Neeme even revealed that the couple hopes that there will be one or two mini-Neemes down the road.

Neeme then jumped into moving up in stakes, where he says that if you want to move up the professional ladder "it is important to devote as much of your time and energy as you possibly can to that."

About the future of the poker, he thinks that we are going to see "a deviation from nine-handed, two-blind NLH."

"That's why you have so many people on iPads and phones at the table," he wrote. Online, he can only hope that "it's widely available in regulated fashion by then in the U.S."

And, finally, he had time to discuss his future in the professional poker field, as he is going to play higher, although the only disadvantage is that in his opinion "audience loses that sense of reliability the higher you play." He says he's played $5/$10/$20 in Detroit a couple of times and had good results, so he's "eager to play again."

If you want to see all the questions and answers you can check the full thread here.

Photo: Tambet Kask/Unibet Open

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