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CoinPoker Responds to Allegations of Poker Bots, Security Issues


CoinPoker, the cryptocurrency online poker room who's recent ICO was heavily promoted on PokerNews, appears to have an issue with bots who're exploiting a leaderboard race, according to industry insider Alex Weldon. On March 20, CoinPoker released a statement regarding the situation on their Medium.com blog. On the subject of bots, the blog post mentions "we reviewed technical data for the accounts accused of impossible session lengths and have taken action against where violations against our fair play policies were found."

Weldon wrote about this first on March 17 on ParttimePoker.com in an article titled 'CoinPoker's Traffic is a Farce.' In the article, Weldon detailed his findings after researching the traffic numbers for GameIntel. GameIntel is the company supplying the data for PokerScout, an established website that tracks online poker traffic of just about all the online poker rooms.

The research was prompted by, what Weldon describes as, "abnormal traffic patterns."

The research was prompted by, what Weldon describes as, "abnormal traffic patterns." Weldon noticed several players playing dozens of tables simultaneously for hours at a time. The huge volume of play by the set group of accounts was dominant, with other players just scarcely joining in on the action to try and get hands in.

The ParttimePoker article describes how the massive multi-tabling is related to a leaderboard race the site is running. The promotion, which was also promoted on PokerNews, rewards players for putting in volume, with races running for different stakes. With CoinPoker currently charging no rake, Weldon describes that the massive multi-tabling is done by bots to secure top spots in the leaderboards, and therefore walking away as the top winners of all the leaderboards. The leaderboard promotion is set to reward players with 5 Million of the custom cryptocurrency CHP.

CoinPoker commented that they banned three accounts total so far.

In response to a follow-up question, CoinPoker commented that they banned three accounts total so far. In the statement, CoinPoker says that "Malicious poker bots have not been a significant issue thus far, but we will continue to investigate the problematic accounts that pop up on our leaderboard."

Besides the three accounts already banned, CoinPoker indicates that they're looking into "the accounts mentioned by Weldon and other concerned third parties."

The promotional article about the leaderboard race was pulled from PokerNews. Removing accessibility to this article from the PokerNews servers was unrelated to the now apparent issue with bots populating the room. The article detailing the promotion was pulled after lawyers from both companies went into conclave over licensing issues surrounding the promotion of the website as a whole.

Responding to Security Concerns

Weldon's findings were subsequently posted by FlushDraw.net and CalvinAyre, furthermore questioning the website's security protocols and the site as a whole.

CoinPoker writes that they're limiting the number of tables per player to eight tables played simultaneously. On top of that, CoinPoker describes integrating a verification tool called Civic.

CoinPoker concludes: "With these measures in place, we can, with a high degree of confidence, say that our final leaderboards reflect players who have played fairly and worked hard to win prizes in our current 5MM CHP Giveaway Promotion."

In both the ParttimePoker article and the reporting on the issue by other websites, the concept of blockchain based poker rooms, the ICO CoinPoker ran to raise capital, the introduction of a custom cryptocurrency, and the specific security protocols in place at CoinPoker were all questioned. Specifically the introduction of the 'CoinPoker Fairplay Program Complete' milestone scheduled for October of this year, had Weldon and others worried.

CoinPoker responded, "Let’s be clear about one thing: the launch of our peer-to-peer security system this October, as is clearly explained in our whitepaper, will replace our current software. At the moment, our security system (yes, it exists) runs on a hybrid platform combining blockchain technology and standard online gambling security measures."

For the full details around the allegations, read the Parttimepoker article here. CoinPoker's response can be found here.

  • Cryptocurrency poker room CoinPoker may be having bot issues, but site sources assure they are handling it.

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