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PokerNews Podcast 485: Justin Hammer with Special Guest Cohost Daniel Negreanu

  • Justin Hammer talks about improving tournaments for players and the big blind ante.

This week on The PokerNews Podcast, Justin Hammer joins the show to talk about the big blind ante debate, tournament innovation and listening to players to figure out how to bring them the best product. Daniel Negreanu joins the show as the special guest cohost and has some thoughts of his own about the big blind ante. You can follow Justin and Daniel on Twitter.

Thanks again to this week's sponsors: Playground Poker Club, hims and Global Poker.

Show Time Stamps

0:01Sponsor: Playground Poker Club. Check out more about the Millions North America and $15,000,000 in guarantees at PlaygroundPoker.ca
1:54Sponsor: Globalpoker.com Check out Global Poker for your shot at their biggest tournament guarantee ever!
4:00Intro with special guest cohost Daniel Negreanu
4:25Daniel's latest appearance on Poker After Dark: Wine and Cheese Edition.
9:37PokerStars MTT Rake Increase
15:57Sponsor: forhims.com get your $5 trial by using the link forhims.com/pokernews
18:54CoinPoker dealing with potential bots. What do sites need to do to insure player protections?
21:58Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell win High Rollers a day apart with the same hand. Alex Foxen was Daniel's pick to win the American Poker Award for breakout player of the year.
26:06Interview with Justin Hammer. Sponsored by Playground Poker Club.
26:37Justin has a budget now for his Commerce YouTube videos.
27:54The Time's Up Tournament is just one of the many tournament innovations that Justin and the crew at Commerce are adding to the tournament poker world.
30:27THE BIG BLIND ANTE!!!!!!!!
31:51Skeptical at first and finally deciding to use it.
35:52What were Justin's issues originally? How did he test it out?
38:07The debate? Antes or blinds first?
42:08Explaining the benefits to players, how are they reacting in Justin's experience? How do you decide what is more player friendly?
45:12Big blind ante is better than the old way, so either side of the debate is an improvement.
46:52Who came up with the big blind ante?
50:12Reactions from players after LAPC.
53:40Twitter debate heats up.
57:37What would Allen Kessler think?
1:00:52Puzzling it out? Players tweets about structures and tournament rules.
1:04:52Shoutout to Matt Savage and all the Tournament Directors who spend their time listening and responding to players.
1:07:10What's coming up at Commerce? Cal State Poker Championships start April 27th.
1:10:22You can follow Justin on Twitter.
1:12:34This week's interview segment brought to you by Playground Poker Club.
1:11:40What's Daniel's take on the big blind ante?
1:23:37If you're not already following Daniel on Twitter you can click here. Check out Daniel's Vlog from last year and where he will post all the vlogs from this year's WSOP.
1:25:10Jesse Capps is going to be the first PokerNews Vlogger.

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