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True Gambling Stories #003: Parlays & Paydays – $5 Sports Bet Wins Big

  • LISTEN: Tayla Polia has an amazing tale of hitting a $5 NFL 15-team parlay for $100K!

As the debate over sports betting plays out before the U.S. Supreme Court, the third episode of True Gambling Stories focuses on a sports bettor’s dream. After moving to Las Vegas, Boston's Tayla Polia overcame extremely long odds – turning one small bet into a gigantic score. How her win came about is quite a tale.

Guests on this episode also focus on the debate over sports wagering and just what all goes in to placing a bet at a casino. The podcast offers some great insight from Tayla herself as well as sports gambling law expert Daniel Wallach and sports betting "casual degenerate" Sasha Salinger.

Parlays & Paydays – $5 Sports Bet Wins Big Time Stamps

0:58A bit of background on Episode #3
1:50Tayla is ready to leave Boston
2:30Tayla's sports background
3:00Tayla & Randy land in Vegas and begin betting
4:00Sports betting is big business
4:30Battle to legalize sports betting
6:00New Jersey takes case to Supreme Court
6:15Daniel Wallach offers legal insight
8:00Sasha Salinger breaks down the ins and outs of sports wagering
11:30Tayla and Randy bet the parlays
13:30She makes her picks, games go her way
15:20Monday Night Football
16:00Spreads? Hedging?
18:00You're telling me I won?
20:00Other states back New Jersey
22:00The numbers on the parlay
23:30Naturally lucky and one more win
24:10Outro and credits

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