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Global Poker Rattlesnake Open Strikes April 30 with $1.25 Million GTD

Global Poker

The next installment of the Global Poker Championships has been announced. The 2018 Rattlesnake Open is set to strike the Global Poker tables on April 30, with 135 Championship Events and $1.25 million in real cash prizes guaranteed over the three-week series.

After successful Eagle Cup and Grizzly Games tournament series, Global Poker is once again bringing a series that promises to not disappoint. The Rattlesnake Open kicks off with a $5,000 Freeroll on Sunday, April 29 at 2:00 p.m. ET, open to all GP players.

Rattlesnake Open Highlights

The SC$218 Main Event with a SC$100,000 guarantee on Sunday, May 20 caps off the series with their first-ever six-figure guarantee. Players will have plenty of opportunities to get in on the action for the Main Event and other events at highly discounted prices through a number of satellites, which start at just SC$0.55.

With three tournament tiers broken down into Low, Medium and High, the Rattlesnake Open offers something for everyone with buy-ins ranging from SC$3.30 to SC$218. Among the variety of tournament formats on the schedule include Full ring, 4-Max, 6-Max Turbos, Deepstacks and their popular Ante Up. Besides no-limit Hold’em, players can get in on Fixed Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha too.

Like the previous editions of the Global Poker Championships, all Sweeps Cash and Gold Coin Championship Events winners will receive Champions Packs to their doorsteps, complete with an oversized Rattlesnake Open trophy and Global Poker swag. Players can also earn additional Sweeps Cash by posting photos of themselves rocking the Global Poker gear around their town, as part of the ongoing Hometown Heroes promotion.

The value doesn’t stop there, though. Another series means another leaderboard with bonus prizes for the top finishers, worth a grand total of $15,000. Once again, the overall series leader will receive a $5,000 prize package that includes travel, accommodations and buy-ins for a live event of the player’s choice. The expectations are high as Global Poker leaderboard champions are two-for-two in making deep runs and cashing in the live events they played as Global Poker representatives.

Global Poker Championships Rattlesnake Open Schedule

DateTime (ET)EventBuy-inGuarantee
Sun Apr 292:00 PMRattlesnake Open: $5,000 FREEROLL$0$5,000
Mon Apr 308:30 PMRattlesnake 01-L: NLHE [6-Max]$11$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 01-M: NLHE [6-Max]$33$5,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 01-H: NLHE [6-Max]$110$10,000
Tue May 18:30 PMRattlesnake 02-L: NLHE [2R1A]$5.50$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 02-M: NLHE [2R1A]$22$7,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 02-H: NLHE [2R1A]$55$12,500
Wed May 28:30 PMRattlesnake 03-L: PLO [6-Max]$11$2,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 03-M: PLO [6-Max]$33$3,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 03-H: PLO [6-Max]$55$5,000
Thu May 38:30 PMRattlesnake 04-L: NLHE [Rebuy, 4-Max]$3.30$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 04-M: NLHE [Rebuy, 4-Max]$11$7,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 04-H: NLHE [Rebuy, 4-Max]]$33$12,500
Fri May 48:30 PMRattlesnake 05-L: NLHE [Turbo]$11$2,500
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 05-M: NLHE [Turbo]$33$4,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 05-H: NLHE [Turbo]$110$7,500
Sat May 53:15 PMRattlesnake 06-L: NLHE [1R1A]$5.50$2,500
 3:45 PMRattlesnake 06-M: NLHE [1R1A]$11$4,000
 4:15 PMRattlesnake 06-H: NLHE [1R1A]$33$7,000
 8:30 PMRattlesnake 07-L: NLHE [Big Ante]$11$2,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 07-M: NLHE [Big Ante]$33$3,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 07-H: NLHE [Big Ante]$55$5,000
Sun May 63:00 PMRattlesnake 08-L: NLHE [Deep]$22$7,500
 4:15 PMRattlesnake 08-M: NLHE [Deep]$110$20,000
 5:30 PMRattlesnake 08-H: NLHE [Deep]$218$50,000
 8:30 PMRattlesnake 09-L: NLHE [1R1A, 6-Max]$5.50$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 09-M: NLHE [1R1A, 6-Max]$22$7,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 09-H: NLHE [1R1A, 6-Max]$55$12,500
Mon May 78:30 PMRattlesnake 10-L: NLHE [2x-Chance]$11$4,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 10-M: NLHE [2x-Chance]$33$6,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 10-H: NLHE [2x-Chance]$110$10,000
Tue May 88:30 PMRattlesnake 11-L: NLHE [1R1A, Turbo]$5.50$2,500
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 11-M: NLHE [1R1A, Turbo]$22$6,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 11-H: NLHE [1R1A, Turbo]$55$10,000
Wed May 98:30 PMRattlesnake 12-L: NLHE$11$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 12-M: NLHE$33$5,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 12-H: NLHE$110$10,000
Thu May 108:30 PMRattlesnake 13-L: FLHE$11$2,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 13-M: FLHE$33$3,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 13-H: FLHE$55$4,000
Fri May 118:30 PMRattlesnake 14-L: NLHE [2R1A, 4-Max]$5.50$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 14-M: NLHE [2R1A, 4-Max]$22$7,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 14-H: NLHE [2R1A, 4-Max]$55$12,500
Sat May 123:15 PMRattlesnake 15-L: NLHE [1R1A]$5.50$2,500
 3:45 PMRattlesnake 15-M: NLHE [1R1A]$11$4,000
 4:15 PMRattlesnake 15-H: NLHE [1R1A]$33$7,000
 8:30 PMRattlesnake 16-L: NLHE [Rebuy, 6-Max]$3.30$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 16-M: NLHE [Rebuy, 6-Max]$11$7,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 16-H: NLHE[Rebuy, 6-Max]$33$12,500
Sun May 133:00 PMRattlesnake 17-L: NLHE [Deep]$22$7,500
 4:15 PMRattlesnake 17-M: NLHE [Deep]$110$20,000
 5:30 PMRattlesnake 17-H: [Deep]$218$50,000
 8:30 PMRattlesnake 18-L: NLHE [Turbo, 6-Max]$11$2,500
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 18-M: NLHE [Turbo, 6-Max]$33$4,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 18-H: NLHE [Turbo, 6-Max]$110$7,500
Mon May 148:30 PMRattlesnake 19-L: NLHE [Rebuy]$3.30$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 19-M: NLHE [Rebuy]$11$7,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 19-H: NLHE [Rebuy]$33$12,500
Tue May 158:30 PMRattlesnake 20-L: NLHE [Ante Up]$11$2,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 20-M: NLHE [Ante Up]$33$3,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 20-H: NLHE [Ante Up]$55$5,000
Wed May 168:30 PMRattlesnake 21-L: NLHE [1R1A]$5.50$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 21-M: NLHE [1R1A]$22$7,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 21-H: NLHE [1R1A]$55$12,500
Thu May 178:30 PMRattlesnake 22-L: NLHE [4-Max]$11$3,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 22-M: NLHE [4-Max]$33$5,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 22-H: NLHE [4-Max]$110$10,000
Fri May 188:30 PMRattlesnake 23-L: PLO [1R1A]$5.50$2,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 23-M: PLO [1R1A]$11$3,500
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 23-H: PLO [1R1A]$33$5,000
Sat May 193:15 PMRattlesnake 24-L: NLHE [1R1A]$5.50$2,500
 3:45 PMRattlesnake 24-M: NLHE [1R1A]$11$4,000
 4:15 PMRattlesnake 24-H: NLHE [1R1A]$33$7,000
 8:30 PMRattlesnake 25-L: NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max]$11$4,000
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 25-M: NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max]$33$6,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 25-H: NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max]$110$10,000
Sun May 203:00 PMRattlesnake 26-L: Main Event NLHE [Deep]$22$15,000
 4:15 PMRattlesnake 26-M: Main Event NLHE [Deep]$110$40,000
 5:30 PMRattlesnake 26-H: Main Event NLHE [Deep]$218$100,000
 8:30 PMRattlesnake 27-L: NLHE [2R1A, Turbo]$5.50$2,500
 9:00 PMRattlesnake 27-M: NLHE [2R1A, Turbo]$22$6,000
 9:30 PMRattlesnake 27-H: NLHE [2R1A, Turbo]$55$10,000

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  • Global Poker's Rattlesnake Open culminates with a $100K guaranteed Main Event May 20 for a SC$218 buy-in.

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