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PokerNews Podcast 493: JNandez Poker

  • 'JNandez Poker' looks ahead to the future of PLO, and discusses what his training site has planned.

Episode 493 of the PokerNews Podcast with Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt includes an in-depth conversation with JNandez Poker (Fernando Habegger) about the vision for his new training website, and what advice he has for players who are working on improving their game. JNandez also discusses what led to his departure from Upswing Poker.

Sarah and Jeff also dive into the hottest stories in the poker world as the summer poker season approaches. The legend that is Phil Ivey is planning on making an appearance at the World Series of Poker, Valentin Vornicu sets an all-time record, and a Supreme Court ruling on sports betting might open up the floodgates for online poker. That, and more, on a jam-packed edition of the PokerNews Podcast!

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(there's still time to get in on the Rattlesnake Open, the Main Event is Sunday, May 20, with a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool!)

Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: "Day 2 Life" for Jeff, #PNPod run-good
1:15Sponsor: Spades Sun Shades (Use the promo code "PokerNews" at checkout)
4:10Valentin Vornicu Wins Back to Back WSOP-Circuit Events
7:50Phil Ivey Wins Triton Short-Deck Event, Discusses Summer WSOP Plans
13:15Adrian Mateos Wins Winamax SISMIX Main Event
15:45Sponsor: Global Poker The Rattlesnake Open Main Event features a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool!
18:00HUDs Will Not Be Allowed on Run It Once
20:45Supreme Court Clears Way for Expanded Sports Betting
27:30Fernando Habegger jumps on the podcast
29:25On his departure from Upswing: "The whole premise of this course was a one-time course...but throughout the year there were some really interesting movements in PLO... All this second-guessing, which most of the coaching industry was based on anyways prior to solvers is an empirical style of teaching...So I felt I wanted to hop on this train of actually being one of the first people in the PLO industry to introduce the solver to a bigger audience."
33:20How his coaching style has developed: "It's all about the environment. It's not about watching a video or learning a strategy or using a solver, it's about creating an environment where you have a constant progression, where you're motivated, you find feedback, you find members who have a similar goal as you."
35:30How Pot-Limit Omaha is progressing: "Live PLO is blowing up quite a bit...People don't argue as loosely anymore when it comes to professional poker. They have facts, they have numbers associated with it."
39:45Why his coaching can benefit PLO players at all stakes: "I'm a very strong believer in concepts...At the ground level, it's all about understanding why something is true and why something else is not true."
42:20More on his separation from Upswing: "I was still basically a video producer...and producing videos is really only one angle of creating the perfect environment for someone to become a better poker player."
45:40How he finds the time to play: "I just expanded my team from basically a one-man show to now working with eight people who all play PLO and all understand PLO....We are creating concepts and presentations all that makes it much easier for me to create the environment but at the same time keep playing and keep my game sharp in PLO."
46:15The team on JNandez Poker, his training website
49:30The future of the JNandez Poker brand: "I'm a consumer of content...I'm just trying to get poker training to a level that can compete with the content people are actually consuming outside of poker."
55:40Learning from your mistakes: "The easiest way and most likely way somebody is going to if they get hit in the face basically."
57:40Taking on a completely new project: "I love the idea of taking on more responsibility the older you get. It's a way of growing up. When you get older, you start to feel this urge to take on this responsibility of something else or for someone else."
1:01:00The 10X Conference and what kind of impact that had on him: "The energy is just amazing"
1:02:45His advice to players looking to create a strong poker environment: "I'm a strong believer in finding someone else that can help you, or a community of people. I think people should be more confident about investing in themselves, and if you feel very uncomfortable investing in yourself, then most likely poker at the high level...might just not be for you."
1:06:30How cryptocurrency affects the poker landscape: "You can get burned really hard. Because when everyone tells you you can't go wrong, you start believing it...If something looks very attractive...I would be kinda careful because most likely you have to be an expert to make a lot of money."
1:10:00Check out JNandez Poker, and his YouTube channel.
1:12:25The PokerNews Podcast Network is available on audioBoom.
1:14:50What the Heck Happened to Randy “The Dreamcrusher” Jensen?
1:20:10Sponsor: Global Poker The Rattlesnake Open Main Event features a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool!
1:20:44Wrapping up the show, plans for next week!

You can check out the full video of the interview with JNandez below or on our YouTube Channel.

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